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It’s beginning to look like we’ve escaped the cruel hand of Pestilence after all. I’m relieved, cuz Pandemic Apocalypse is one of the most boring heat-deaths you can draw. It’d have been better to pick a fight with the UFOs the government are suddenly admitting exist. Think about it! All we gotta do, right, is send Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum at ’em while Randy Quaid achieves full rectal penetration of their mothership, then we steal their future-tech and terrorize the galaxy as space pirates. SPACE PIRATES! But normalcy is reasserting itself, which means the Gentleman is getting back to work checking out DC’s I71 weed-gifting storefronts. Case in point, I visited No Kids Allowed in Eastern Market this week!

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All cannabis featured in this blog was obtained legally in Washington, DC.