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Purchase $200 Collectible Racecar and get 5G of old school Afghani Hash

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The weekend is here, the skies are clear, and the sweet scent of victory still hangs heavy in the air after the Capitals, at long last, captured the Stanley Cup last night. Time to kick back and schedule an I71 gift delivery, yeah?Rabble Dabble has been around the scene for a while now (online as Bagged Buds), but I haven’t been around much lately. Not really into being around other people at present. I have a small purple cactus named Groot that I got from Home Depot a few months ago which I presume is still alive. That’s about the level of energy I have to share with other organisms right now. Shit, is there WebMD for cacti? Hold on a sec. Yeah, I think it’s fine.


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All cannabis featured in this blog was obtained legally in Washington, DC.