Awesome article on about the first of DCMJ's planned protests against the nomination of Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions to Trump's Attorney General today, plenty of good quotables from Adam and the other activists, check that out here. TL;DR? They got a meeting with Sessions' staff, but couldn't land one with Schumer. Keep sleepin' on us, Democrats, you're doing so well not publicly pushing for cannabis policy reform. So blown I couldn't make this one (at noon today), but perhaps it's for the best while I cool out. The Gentleman is going to make any evening or weekend #SmokeSessions for sure. Here's another one on and I'm sure it won't be the last. I'll add more here as I come across them. The next one is a super double pinky swear seeeeeeecret. Like their page on Facebook and sign up for their newsletter so you can help us fight for YOUR right to medicate or relax responsibly with cannabis. Word up.