DC Weed Hot List- 10/14/20

Hide your uterus, hide your governors, folks, Election 2020's a'comin! We may be another week closer to living out the prequel to The Handmaid's Tale, but the Gentleman is here to ease some of that anxiety. Here's my latest Hot List of the most fantabulous cannabis flowers, potent edibles, and tasty oils available from the Gentleman's favorite DC I71 weed gifting brands.

Real talk: I can't ensure any products are safe. I'd argue that most labs can't, either, but I'm not here to pick fights today. NO I'M NOT! What the Gentleman does is judge quality. I think that means the same thing but can't guarantee that it does. Ya dig? Then shovel up, baby! Here's my recommendations for this week:


Allow me to presents five new flowers sure to satisfy my reader's sophisticated, be-monocled palettes this week. FYI, the Gentleman tested this week's flowers in RAW Classic Cones.

Hippie Crasher

DC TeaPad makes a fantastic entrance on to the Hot List this week with their Hippie Crasher, a cross of Hippie Crippler and Wedding Crasher. A delightful sour nose and superior, effortless smoke make this well-rounded, daytime hybrid a must-have.


Our lone returning champion from last week, Baked keeps the bon temps rolling with Blackberry! The aroma and flavor are both true to its namesake, the smoke is smooth, and resinous enough to keep your fingers sticky, this one leans just enough indica to keep you on the couch giggling and not melting into it.


Big, fresh buds sure to please the aesthete, Exotic Organics' entry this week sports a sour aroma with a hint of sweetness, a smooth, easy smoke, and a pleasant mood boost that doesn't wear you down.


One of DC's most popular storefronts, Gifted Curators comes through with a smooth-smoking, spicy indica of intense potency. To the guy that wrote me asking for a strain to help him sleep- this one right here, boss. Even low doses are gonna require a nap.

DustMac OG

Lifted's entry of DustMac OG is a bit loose, but the bud is super fresh and an incredibly smooth smoke. A mild hybrid that leans sativa, it evens out my mood and helps me keep on task throughout the day without any significant cognitive deficiency. Not any more than usual, I mean.

More Flowers

The GG#4 from Heady Club from last week's Hot List is still available, FYI!


We're making two additions to last week's list of potency-approved edibles:

Chill Pills

These vegan THC gel capsules come in packs of 9 from Gifted Curators. Each cap is 25mg of a hybrid flower blend, so 225mg in all. The effects kick in quickly- I was feeling quite mellow 20 minutes after tossing two back, a modest dose for the Gentleman. The effects from 50mg lasted for a couple hours before instigating an early bedtime and a solid night's sleep. Plus I like weed pills cuz you don't have to eat an entire brownie like some little piggies, eh? (crashing noises from oven) BE QUIET, HANSEL!

Reese's Brownie

Don't get it twisted, I still ate the brownie. But can you blame me when it's a thick, decadent slab of chocolate and Reese's Pieces? Lucky Chuckie makes all their infused treats right here in DC and, uniquely among edibles manufacturers today, infuse them with flower instead of distillate. The result is a well-rounded, full-spectrum high. A high tolerance user like myself should feel it around half a brownie, 150mg, but those with a normal tolerance will find it effective after a few bites.

More Edibles


I've got two new Concentrate suggestions for you this week. All oils are tested in a Puffco Peak at its lowest heat setting, but that doesn't apply to our first entry.

Next Level Pre-Rolls

next level prerolls weed photo

I love the Next Level Pre-Rolls from Gifted Curators. Full gram strain-specific joints infused with rosin and rolled in kief? I'll have what she's having! I've tried a few different versions and found each to exhibit excellent flavor and a smooth smoking experience, which is impressive considering their heavy potency- it takes me four goes to finish a single one.

Plantgenix Hash Rosin

Green Kings' made the list for their hash rosin last week, but I neglected to mention that some of their fine squishies come from DC rosin tech team Plantgenix. I've found some excellent samples from these folks over the years and can definitely recommend them- this one here is their GMO.

More Concentrates

The THCa Crystalline I recommended from Select Co-Op in this column last week is still available!

Vape Cartridges

No new vape carts on the list this week, but here's the goodies I know you'll like:

Baked DC's MAC 1 CO2 Vape Cart