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Washington, DC

The biggest story this week is that a staffer for a DC Councilmember was arrested and subsequently fired for a shooting outside of a marijuana pop-up party this month. Here's the lowdown:



Two men tried to stick up Davon Fuller and his companion outside of a pop-up in the 2200 block of 25th Place NE on 8/3. Both pulled heaters and fired at least a dozen rounds "indiscriminately" at the would-be robbers in self-defense.

No one was hurt, but Davon Fuller's companion is still being sought by police. A photo has been released, but it's rough. HAVE YOU SEEN THIS RED BLOB FACE???

Davon Fuller worked for Councilwoman Brianne Nadeau's office, which is…unfortunate. Cuz Nadeau has been one of the biggest supporters of cannabis reform activists in DC. Bringing this kind of heat on her isn't a good look. It may have cost us a valuable ally.

So the cops are after this guy for shooting up the block, ok, gotcha. You're not allowed to do that. But nowhere in any of the articles I read did it say they arrested or are looking for the robbers. Is that a thing that's going to happen or is robbing folks cool now?



Marijuana funk no longer probable cause to search people; Maryland appeals court cites Bob Dylan in ruling (BALTIMORE SUN) You can no longer be searched by police because they smell marijuana on you in Maryland. With possession of 10 grams or less decriminalized in the state and a robust MMJ program, the smell alone no longer constitutes probable cause for a search. Your vehicle is still fair game, though.

Cultivators, MJ executives say Eastern US marijuana prices remain strong as industry grows steadily (MJ BIZ DAILY) If we create a monopoly on weed then we can charge whatever we want! Why, we should make monopolies for everything, Winthorp! Check this quote: “These numbers do not necessarily have direct correlation to quality.” THAT'S WHAT I'VE BEEN SAYING!

How much in taxes could Maryland make off legal weed? It’s hard to say. (BALTIMORE SUN) Between $50-$200 million forecasted annually. Not exactly Denver in 2015 numbers but, y'know…see above.



CDC: 100 cases of lung illnesses appear to be linked to vaping (WSET) The Blue Ridge Poison Center at UVa has sent out a warning after some folks in Wisconsin have developed "severe lung disease" as a result of dabbing or vaping cannabis.

Except the WI press release states "The products consumed could include a number of substances, including nicotine, THC, synthetic cannabinoids, or a combination of these." So, for all we know, these folks were smoking K2. The CDC's release similarly refers only to e-cigarette use. So why is VA hung up on weed vapes?

"Severe lung disease" in this case means "shortness of breath, fatigue, chest pain, cough, and weight loss."

Medical Marijuana Is Coming to Northern Virginia Next Year (WASHINGTONIAN) A quick look at Dalitso, the dispensary for the Northern VA region. They plan to open their doors early next year.