[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Putting this here cuz it's so pretty and in the MJT article. Lemon Cookies from Abatin Wellness. Putting this here cuz it's so pretty and in the MJT article. Lemon Cookies from Abatin Wellness.[/caption] There is still no announced start date for when DC medical marijuana patients will have their medicine limit automatically increased to four ounces every 30 days, but the latest story about the process is featured on MarijuanaTimes.org and features the viewpoints and photos of yours truly on the crazy high prices here.  Exposure, baby!  Thank you to Chloe Sommers and MJT for helping me bring attention to the real plight facing cannabis patients in the District of Columbia. Let's chat a sec.  I didn't bring up the fact that an occasional strain goes on sale for significantly less than $400 an ounce and that makes some folks a bit salty.  A-numero-uno, this is very limited- one or two strains at a time at each dispensary. If I'm being gracious and say that each has three a month, out of a menu of sixty strains, then I do not believe those cheaper ounces are representative of the pricing available to the average patient. Discount programs for those with low incomes are great, but they also are not representative of the cost of pricing to the average patient.  Since our friends at Takoma Wellness want to argue the point, let's talk about it further. I've looked at their menu exhaustively, after initially missing the one strain at a time that currently goes for a reasonable price.  At the moment, it's 818 Headband.  It'll be something else in a month or so.  That goes for $275 an ounce.  Out of the remaining ounce pricing available on their menu today: One goes for $360- the Alternative Solutions' Cheese that has also been on sale at every dispensary.  I liked it alright, but it's not been popular, that's for sure. Nine strains go for $375 an ounce.  These are all Holistic Remedies/Organic Wellness flowers.  While $360 and certainly $275 are significantly less than $400, I don't believe $375 is- and with 6% tax on top of it, it is exactly $2.50 shy of $400. Another seven strains are at $400 (or in the curious case of one, $399).  These are mostly Abatin, with an Apelles thrown in or two. Two ounces are on sale for $465- both Alternative Solutions. So, when I say that prices are from $400-$700 (which is damn true, when you add Metropolitan Wellness in the equation), and out of the 62 strains available on your menu today, TWO cost less than $400 an ounce, that ain't enough gas to push the needle, amigo. If you want to look at just the two versus the twenty total that have ounce pricing available, then that's only 10%.  And it clearly doesn't represent a range of pricing- there's one on sale.  Then there's one kinda on sale.  And then there's the beginning of normal pricing- $375+tax. Now, this dispensary did ask me to write about the fact that Alternative Solutions is charging $4500/pound for flower.  I've got a calculator handy, so I can tell you that works out to $281.25 an ounce wholesale.  Lawdy!  Happy to take any response from any of the cultivators on that, fellas, the Gentleman is all ears. Here's the link.  Cheers!  https://www.marijuanatimes.org/dc-ups-patient-limit-to-4-ounces-but-lower-prices-still-desired/ [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="396"]And my other photo. Sweet Cream from Abatin Wellness plus a little GT lovin'! And my other photo. Sweet Cream from Abatin Wellness plus a little GT lovin'![/caption]