Okay, this is Part 1 of the exciting changes coming to Washington DC's medical marijuana program. As of yesterday (see my News page), the District's medical marijuana patients are no longer limited to the dispensary printed on their card. That's right, you can just walk right in to any of the city's five shops. You don't need a new card or anything like that. Keep in mind that the reason it took so long to get this implemented is getting the tracking software in place- you're not going to be able to go over your purchase limit by visiting multiple dispensaries, smart guy. The Gentleman is a big fan of this change. All the dispensaries sell cannabis medicine from the same six cultivators (eh, it depends on whether you want to count Apelles and Organic Wellness as separate from Capital City and Holistic Remedies, respectively; I don't). However, they don't all have all the medicine all the time or for the same price. Now patients can shop based on getting the exact brand & strain they're looking for instead of settling for what their assigned dispensary had in stock, or wherever it's cheapest. [caption id="attachment_2808" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Sour Grapes from Abatin Wellness[/caption] Or, they can shop based on convenience. If you're around downtown, you can pop in to Herbal Alternatives or National Holistic Healing Center, which are about a mile from each other. Stuck on North Capitol St trying to turn on to New York Ave? Pull over and visit Capital City Care. Traffic will still be there when you're done, I promise. Perhaps you've grown weary wandering about Eastern Market, annoying local artists with your tedious, yuppie questions to prove you took an Art History class once? My, aren't you a special one! Metropolitan Wellness Center is right down the street (mind the prices). Takoma Wellness is right next to the Maryland border. Don't cross it with your meds! But this is just the preamble, baby! Cuz the next step is sweet, sweet RECIPROCITY. I glanced at the list of states from which DC will accept medical marijuana cards and it was not short. Yes, Maryland is included! Very soon- like, maybe by the end of this week soon- out-of-state patients will have access to Alternative Solutions' Green Love Potion, Holistic Remedies' Master Kush, Abatin's Sour Grapes and so much more. Oooh, I feel just like a cartoon leprechaun! I'll post more details when the District's reciprocity goes live. And don't forget to sign up for the newsletter if you want a chance to win a pair of tickets to National Cannabis Festival this year!