[caption id="attachment_522" align="aligncenter" width="225"]Some Lost Coast Hashplant from Alternative Solutions & tasty MBYC from Sicboy. Some Lost Coast Hashplant from Alternative Solutions & tasty MBYC from Sicboy.[/caption] Did you know that I have a Price Index on this site so you can see at a glance the average medical cannabis flower cost at each dispensary AND per cultivator?  It's true!  It is based on the pricing each dispensary advertises on StickyGuide which is why it omits pricing for a full ounce- that is rarely advertised. As you can tell by the title of this post, smart guy, I actually update the ol' thing from time to time.  In order to keep everything on the up-and-up, though, it's important to be random about what date I build the index- so last month I did it on the first of the month, and this month I did it on the seventeenth.  Can't say when it'll get updated next month to maintain the integrity of the process, but you can expect a post like this one when I do! The most interesting takeaways from this month's update are that prices for both Holistic Remedies/Organic Wellness and Apelles/Cap City dropped significantly- if we look at just the highest quantity, we're looking at an approximate 5% drop in Holistic/Organic pricing and nearly 7% drop in Apelles.  I think this is due to the novelty of the Apelles and Organic lines naturally wearing off- it's not atypical for some dispensaries to charge based on strain popularity and the new girl is always popular. Overall, all the dispensaries are clocking in at slightly higher prices this month. Remember this is based on averages and what we're seeing is a smaller flower selection at each dispensary.  Looks like everybody knocked off 5-10 strains except for Herbal Alternatives, which only lost one, and National Holistic Healing Center, which gutted close to half the flowers from its menu.  Mostly it looks like they're clearing out old Abatin stock (they have a Clearance Sale right now), specifically the low THC & high CBD strains.  This is also the most prominent manifestation of the Apelles rubber band snapping back- they burst on to the scene with so many new strains all at once that a correction based on sales feedback was to be expected.  I will say that a budtender I talked vouched for the newest batch of Holy Grail Purps looking better than the last, so I intend to give them another shot ASAP. That might be a minute, though!  GTHQ is all caught up in preparation for the BUD Summit this Saturday (and the Happy Hour, After Party, etc.).  I got this sweet retractable banner sign to put on the table and everything.  It's gonna be super official. It's going to be a heck of a networking opportunity and I still have FREE tickets to giveaway!  Details are in my post from last week right here.  You don't want to miss this event, especially if you have a cannabis business to pitch at their Hot Box, but even if you don't, ME!  I'll be there, blazed to the nines, and looking forward to chatting with you about our favorite flower. I expect this will be my last post this week, so if you just can't wait for more GT, you're gonna have to get it in person.  Tickets to the BUD Summit are still available on Groupon for a reduced cost and on Eventbrite after that!