DC I71 Weed Recommendations

Heya, everybody! In my constant, burning, near-carnal desire to improve your experience here at GentlemanToker.com, we're gonna try something new. The weed in DC available through Initiative 71 delivery brands turns over at a rapid pace and what you need, mijo, is someone who can help you find high-grade flowers while they're available, edibles that won't let you down, and standout oils. Well that's all you had to say! The Gentleman is at your service.

Real talk: I can't ensure any products are safe. What the Gentleman does is judge quality. I think that means the same thing but can't guarantee that it does. Ya dig? Then shovel up, baby! Here's my recommendations for this week:


The Gentleman checked out a ton of samples this week and found the following five gems you're sure to love. All flowers are tested in RAW Organic Cones, btw. Here's my faves, in no particular order:

Pink Skywalker

This entry from Exotic Blooms combines an unbelievable sweet citrus odor that smells like a Starburst with a flawless smoke and a clear-headed, focused sativa high.

Sherb Cake

Sherb Cake from Entourage DC has a beautiful array of hues, good trichome coverage, and a hint of sweetness on the nose. This one's an exceptionally easy smoke that provides a well-balanced high, elevating mood without making you sleepy.

Larry Payton

Green Kings' entry has a wonderful mint nose with hints of the same on inhale. A potent hybrid that's great for brainstorming and creative pursuits in low doses, or naps at higher doses.

GG #4

Heady Club's GG #4 (fka Gorilla Glue) brings the classic funky skunk aroma, but with a hint of sweetness. High potency as expected from its excellent trichome coverage, but the high is focused, not overwhelming, at low doses. Grown local and super fresh.

Ice Cream Mintz

baked dc ice cream mintz weed photo

Baked DC presents Ice Cream Mintz, an aesthetically striking sample covered in thick, bushy trichomes. Heavily potent and indica-leaning, my anxieties have melted away, but it's difficult to...uh...um...focus.


Here's a list of edibles available under I-71 the Gentleman's world-renowned tolerance has personally confirmed for efficacy. I expect these entries will be in place for a while, as brands tend to keep the same popular edibles in inventory- but I'll continue working to expand it!

Gummies from Puff Kings

I've tried almost all of Puff Kings' house line of edibles and they all hit- the Rice Krispy Treats, the Brownies, the Belgian Chocolates- but these Gummies are something else. They're 25mg of THC + 25mg of CBD each and I've gotten lit off 1.5 gummies. Also available from Hidden Leaf DC!

Truffles from Street Lawyer

street lawyer dc truffles weed edibles

The Chocolate Truffles available at Street Lawyer Services are potent, delicious, and made locally by Georgetown Kush Cakes! One truffle is enough to put you Gentleman in high spirits, indeed. You should also check out the Baghead Boys gummies that Street Lawyer has available, but go easy, baby!

Athena's Gifts Danish

If you want some baked goods to enjoy this harvest season, the Stone Fruit & Cheese Danish from Athena's Gifts (proudly made in DC!) is a delicious treat with a crispy crust and a mellow, relaxing high. This one is half eaten already. Oops.

Lemonade from Green Kings

I like to drink my edibles cuz I can drink faster than I can eat, see, and I want that potency to hit all at once. The Infused Lemonade available from Green Kings (made by Taste Buds DC) put me on my ass the night I took down the bottle in a few swigs. Don't underestimate it!

Select Co-Op Boom Bars

The Gentleman recommends smoking flower when eating edibles to help bring out the full effect, but found that totally unnecessary after 100mg of the Fruity Pebbles flavor from Select's house line of infused candy bars. The high was pleasant, mellow, and lasted for a few hours. FYI, each Boom Bar contains 300mg THC. I also approve of their 2:1 THC:CBD chocobites!


The Gentleman tests out dabs using the lowest temp setting on a PuffCo Peak. This week, I've got two standouts for you:

Select Co-Op Crystalline

If it's potency you're after, you'll be hard pressed to find better than Select Co-Op's THCa Crystalline- and it's an ultra-smooth, flavorful dab besides.

Green Kings Solventless

Green Kings's menu regularly features rare, tasty hash rosin gifts, like this Strawberry Banana batch from Punch Extracts.

Vape Cartridges

After a long time off to think about it, I've decided I'd rather work to reduce harm from bad vape carts by leading you to good carts. The following brands are recommended FOR OIL QUALITY ONLY. I cannot guarantee your safety or health.

All of these CO2 carts are were produced by an expert extraction team here in DC that I've long touted for their high quality. I do have one new entry to the list, though, and that's the Friendly Farms Live Resin cartridges available at Green Kings and District Chiefer. Very impressive flavor, great potency, and full-spectrum effects provide a more well-rounded high than distillate-based carts.