DC Green Kings Giveaway!

This week’s Free Weed Giveaway (exclusive to my newsletter subscribers) is sponsored by one of my I71 delivery faves, DC Green Kings! All you have to do for your chance to win is sign up and then write me back fast when I send out Friday’s newsletter. But not too fast, McFly! We’re pushing it back to the 20th reply received to win cuz you’re not getting just one, nor two, NOT EVEN THREE OMG BUT FOUR (4) EIGHTHS! That’s half a freakin’ ounce for absolutely free, baby! Verily, thou shalt be smoking like a King, yes, a Green King…

Ok, so Step 1, sign up for the GentlemanToker.com newsletter here. Remember, you have to claim your prize in Washington, DC and you must be 21+ (be prepared to show ID) to receive your free cannabis gift under Initiative 71. IF YOU WIN, you gotta send me your contact info to pass along.

And let this announcement serve as official notice that those unbelievable TITS I reviewed for DC Green Kings (pictured above) are BACK so if you want TITS NOW cuz you can’t wait til Friday for TITS, I got you, calm down, here’s their site, geez. They also have the Blue Dream pictured here, Sour Diesel, OG Skunk, and Early Girl flower gifts, but the puns aren’t as funny with those.


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