Indeed, Professor, it has been a busy week for marijuana here in Washington, D.C.  Big news first, OK, fun stuff second.  No, no, it's almost Halloween.  Let's have a treat first. The winner of the Platinum Blue Dream/Ken's Kush x MOG seeds generously donated by DC Seed Exchange (check out my interview with Paul) is Subscriber #118.  Congrats!  Message me and we'll work it out. This week, the DC Council approved a draft constitution to appear on November's ballot- a good reason to get out there and vote- that includes language that DCMJ pointed out, via their Twitter feed, that allowed for ballot initiatives (like Initiative 71) to appropriate funds.  DC Statehood could be a reality, but like everything worth winning, you get what you scrap for.  Since I'm the Gentleman, I went to the trouble of reading through the damn law.  It took less time than you'd think, wiseass!  On page 28, line 1274 and 1275 have removed the exception that ballot initiatives can not appropriate funds.  I'm not going to rehash Rachel Kurzius' excellent article in the DCist regarding the rest of the changes to the proposed State of Douglass Commonwealth here, other than to say it's much a cooler name than New Columbia. Also, I regret we won't be given the opportunity to vote on Drew Franklin for Council-at-Large due to a technicality with some of his nominating signatures.  It's old news, but our need for more pro-cannabis support on the DC Council persists. Next time 'round, Drew, we'll get you way more signatures.   Speaking of DCMJ, Catharsis on the Mall is back this year and begins Friday, November 11th.  Per their press release:
Four days after the election, a memorial will be burned on the grounds of the Washington Monument dedicated to those whose lives have been affected by trauma. The 48-hour national vigil, titled Catharsis on the Mall: A Vigil for Healing, begins on Veteran’s Day at 11:11am, Friday, November 11, 2016. This free and inclusive event features speakers, workshops, narrative-braiding, education, art, music, dance, and direct participation. Visuals include colorful art, sculptures, geodesic domes, a 60-foot dragon-shaped mobile soundstage, and a 30-foot-tall temple which will be set on fire.
Please support Catharsis on the Mall by getting tickets on Eventbrite for the fundraiser and meeting them at Mellow Mushroom in Adams Morgan on November 3rd. Here's something you can do today to support cannabis patients (like your very own Gentleman!) in DC.  Per Takoma Wellness' email, The Dept. of Health is currently considering a proposal to increase the 30-day limit for medical marijuana from 2 oz to 4 oz. The proposal has passed consideration by several DOH sub-committees and is now open for public comment. The more letters of support the DOH receives the more likely they are to approve the change. So we're asking people to send a letter of support to Philip Husband, General Counsel of the Dept of Health. Let's flood the DOH with letters so there's no doubt in their mind what the community wants! We've pasted a template letter below with all the details -- all you need to do is edit and forward the email below to by Friday October 28. Or next time you're in the dispensary you can sign one of our template letters and we'll deliver it to DOH. PS You can read more about the proposal on the DC Government website: PPS You don't need to be a patient to send a letter, they're inviting comments from the general public. Please forward this email to friends and family! Forward the email below to (cc.
Phillip Husband, General Counsel Department of Health Office of the General Counsel 899 North Capitol Street, N.E.  5th Floor Washington, D.C. 20002 Dear Mr. Husband, [Letters have the most power when you personalize them—please write your let in your own words here. If you’d rather, we have a suggested letter below.]   As a DC resident and Medical Marijuana Program patient, I’m writing in support of the proposed rule-making action which will increase the quantity of medical marijuana that a patient may possess and that a dispensary may dispense within a thirty (30) day time period up to four (4) ounces.   This change will address the needs of patients suffering from medical conditions who need to receive medical marijuana in excess of the current limit of two (2) ounces. This summer, both the Medical Marijuana Program Advisory Committee’s Scientific Subcommittee and the Intergovernmental Subcommittee made recommendations to the Director of the Department of Health to make the aforementioned increase.  Also, Gentleman Toker is an incredibly brilliant, sensual man who writes like he's on fire.  You should give him lots of money. Ok, some money will do.   Sincerely,   [Your name] [DATE] [Your address] [Your email address]
  [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"]You didn't read the letter with my, ahem, amendment, did you? You didn't read the letter with my, ahem, amendment, did you?[/caption] Ok, since it's Halloween, and you sent your letter like good goblins and ghouls, here's another treat for you- High Society DC is giving away two VIP tickets to the Capitol Cup to the person who Shares their post about it the most on Facebook.  You don't need luck to win, you just need friends you're willing to shamelessly advertise to! I'm hearing great things about Cloudy Tuesdays at Manor, brought to you by Capsterdam University.  Definitely a party to add to your calendar, especially if Phone Homie is dabtending again!  Their tickets get posted to Eventbrite and you can follow @capsterdamcloud on IG to stay informed of the festivities. You want more?  How about two new strains from Alternative Solutions.  I've had the opportunity to try their bud rosin, by the way, and you can expect a review on that soon.  It's much, much improved over the trim rosin, and at a $60 discount (at Takoma Wellness, anyway- no other dispensary lists the gram price for this product), it rebuffs Holistic Remedies' shatter - but, still $90 a gram! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Alternative Solutions La Chocolat Alternative Solutions La Chocolat, TWC photo[/caption]
LA Chocolate, bred by DNA Genetics, is a 60/40 indica-dominant strain parented by their cherished LA Confidential indica and Chocolope sativa. This power-couple collectively passes on the best of their qualities: thick resin production, heavy yields, and a sweet, earthy aroma of chocolate and coffee. Its soothing physical effects sink through the body, keeping you relaxed while kindling the appetite.
[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="200"]Alternative Solutions' Royal Medic. TYTWC! Alternative Solutions' Royal Medic. TYTWC![/caption]
Royal Medic is a sativa dominant hybrid (75% sativa/25% indica) strain created through a powerful medicinal cross of the classic Critical x Juanita la Lagrimosa strains. Like its name suggests, this bud has a highly medicinal nature making it perfect for treating a variety of conditions. This strain definitely lives up to its name with its pain relieving properties. A strong cerebral high encompasses your body, without clouding your mind. Pain relief and the calming effect of the high CBD concentration gives the patient a mellow body tingle, while still maintaining a calming break. The speed of the onset is hard to match, and the high is a new experience. These effects and its high CBD level make Royal Medic ideal for treating conditions such as inflammation, chronic pain, muscle spasms, chronic fatigue, and chronic pain. This bud has a sweet fruity flavor with hints of earthy haze and a peppery aftertaste upon exhale. The aroma is very sweet and spicy with a floral incense smell that is accented by fruity haze as the nugs are burned.
Remember way back a month or so ago when I said we should expect a lot more bubble hash available from Apelles?  There are currently five strains of bubble hash at my dispensary right now, all at $40 a gram. If you're looking for a distinctly more psychedelic experience, you may want to take a trip to Baltimore this Saturday from 1-9pm for the Mushroom City Art Festival at Leakin Park (1906 Eagle Dr, Baltimore, MD 21207).  Be sure to check out the full agenda on their Facebook page, it is Pearl-Jam-packed (what? that's not where the name came from and Eddie Vedder's just been screwing with us?) with cool talks, screenings, and classes besides the heady art exhibits.
With both a focus on personal and planetary healing, MCAF is an informative and interactive exploration of mushrooms with foraging, identification, cultivation, and psilocybin research all part of our event. Sculptures and paintings inspired by this mysterious, mycelial life form will be featured alongside hands on workshops and educational discussions revealing the many real world applications for mushroom cultivation in contemporary urban life.
Not up for B-more?  That's cool,  There's like, a dozen other events this weekend, holy cow!  Thanks to for the list.  Have you heard of John Newman yet?  Seriously?  The Gentleman is his own spirit animal (the prismatic Butterfly Dragon), of course, but I would positively squeal like a tiny girl to meet this British pop sensation.  Oh, man, what a tremendous vocal talent.  I can't wait to catch his act stateside.  Here's a video from his sophomore album, Come and Get It. [embed][/embed]