7/28/19: Ward 7’s First Medical Marijuana Dispensary Scheduled to Open This Week (WASHINGTON CITY PAPER)

7/24/19: DC’s new pot-infused tourism takes renting AirBnb space to another level (CHICAGO TRIBUNE)

7/23/19: Colorado Comes to D.C. to Push Legal Pot Banking at Senate Hearing (WESTWORD)

7/23/19: Sen. Kamala Harris Introduces Law to Federally Legalize, Tax Marijuana (ROLLING STONE)

7/23/19: Top Congressional Chairman And Presidential Candidate File Marijuana Legalization Bills (FORBES)

7/19/19: An 18-year-old was murdered on our lawn. Two years later, it is still unsolved. (WASHINGTON POST)

7/19/19: As CBD Products Flood The Market, Local Officials Want Better Federal Regulation (WAMU)

7/19/19: Massive marijuana bust in California, bales of cannabis put through the chipper (FOX 5 DC)

7/18/19: Congress introduces bipartisan bill to expand medical marijuana research (GREEN STATE)

7/18/19: Marijuana Helps Control His Seizures, but the Courts Won’t Seal His Criminal Record (WASHINGTON CITYPAPER)

7/17/19: Three Republicans Stand in the Way of Federal Weed Legalization (ROLLING STONE)

7/17/19: In some big cities, reform-minded prosecutors and police chiefs have been at odds. Here’s what happened when they met in D.C. (WASHINGTON POST)

7/16/19: Senate Schedules Hearing On Marijuana Business Banking Access (FORBES)

7/12/19: Maryland jury convicts man in killing during marijuana sale (BOSTON GLOBE)

7/11/19: Pete Buttigieg’s Racial Justice Plan Would Legalize Marijuana And Decriminalize Drug Possession (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

7/10/19: DC residents discuss the information gap engendered by inconsistent and discriminatory marijuana policy (STREET SENSE MEDIA)

7/4/19: How I became the weed man after buying marijuana legally in Washington, D.C. (commentary) (SI LIVE) not me haha

7/1/19: Police arrest man in fatal shooting near U Street corridor (WASHINGTON POST)

6/28/19: Congressional Vote To Ensure Protections For State Cannabis Programs (JD SUPRA)

6/27/19: Congressional Bill Would Allow Marijuana Imports And Exports Between Legal States (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

6/26/19: Historic Marijuana Measures Clear First Major Congressional Hurdles As Opposition Wanes (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

6/24/19: How Bowser’s recreational marijuana bill would change the game for D.C.’s medical program (WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL)

6/24/19: CBD-infused food and beverages are still illegal under U.S. law. So why are they everywhere? (WASHINGTON POST)

6/24/19: Medical marijuana is not the way out of America’s opioid crisis (THE ECONOMIST)

6/21/19: D.C. statehood effort gets boost from House Dems and 2020 contenders (CBS NEWS)

6/20/19: Congress Votes To Block Feds From Enforcing Marijuana Laws In Legal States (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

6/20/19: Police say killing in Capitol Hill apartment was result of feud between acquaintances (WASHINGTON POST)

6/19/19: Congress Clashes On Marijuana Amendments In Floor Debate (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

6/18/19: D.C. Council Passes Emergency Bill To Protect Some—But Not All—City Workers Who Use Medical Marijuana (DCist)

6/14/19: Congress Will Consider Lots Of Marijuana Amendments Next Week (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

6/14/19: Marijuana dispensary rolls out its own credit card as weed industry works to go beyond cash-only sales (CHICAGO TRIBUNE)

6/14/19: Leader of DC barbershop drug-trafficking ring sentenced to 16 years (WTOP)

6/12/19: D.C. Is One Step Closer To Recreational Marijuana Dispensaries (DCist)

6/12/19: Congressional Republicans target efforts to decriminalize sex work in the District (WASHINGTON POST)

6/11/19: Feds: D.C. Man Arrested on Drug Charges Turned Out to Be ISIS Sympathizer (THE DAILY BEAST)

6/10/19: District reviewing policies on medicinal marijuana (THE WASHINGTON TIMES)

6/6/19: DC Mayor Begins Effort to Legalize Recreational MJ Sales (LEXOLOGY)

6/5/19: DC Tables Medical Marijuana Protections for City Workers (NBC 4)

6/5/19: Kirsten Gillibrand Announces Plan For National Marijuana Legalization (HUFFINGTON POST)

6/4/19: Some City Employees Receive Ultimatum: Find Alternative To Medical Marijuana In 30 Days … Or Else (DCist)

6/4/19: Bipartisan Governors Team Up To Demand Federal Marijuana Reform (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

6/2/19: Congressional Funding Bill Protects Cannabis Banking And Lets DC Legalize Marijuana Sales (FORBES)

5/31/19: Key Takeaways From FDA’s Historic CBD Regulations Meeting (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

5/30/19: Five Objects People Are Buying to Get Marijuana in DC (WASHINGTONIAN)

5/30/19: Pit bulls maul DC woman as she took out trash, dogs shot (WTOP)

5/28/19: Marijuana Activist Faces 10 Years in Prison for Using Facebook Live (THE REAL NEWS)

5/24/19: CDC and SAMHSA to Hold Summer Meetings for Public Health and Marijuana (THE NATIONAL LAW REVIEW)

5/23/19: This New Campaign Plans To Spend ‘Seven Figures’ Pushing For D.C. Statehood. But It Won’t Disclose Its Funders (DCist)

5/23/19: Popular Police Field Tests Can’t Tell the Difference Between CBD and Marijuana (NBC 4)

5/23/19: Federal Lawmakers Join Industry Advocates in Call for Equity (LEAFLY)

5/22/19: D.C. AG Racine Leads 38-State Coalition in Support of Marijuana Banking Bill (BLACK PRESS USA)

5/21/19: Medical marijuana for vets to be highlighted during Rolling Thunder event (STARS AND STRIPES)

5/21/19: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Presses Housing Secretary About Marijuana Eviction Policies (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

5/21/19: State bankers associations urge US Senate to consider marijuana banking reform (MJ BIZ DAILY)

5/20/19: Federal bill provision would protect state-legal medical marijuana programs (MJ BIZ DAILY)

5/20/19: Effort To Recall Jack Evans From D.C. Council Can Proceed, Rules Elections Board (WAMU)

5/16/19: Does Marijuana Legalization Lead to More Crime? (WIKILEAF)

5/15/19: What’s the Real Link Between Pot Dispensaries and Crime Rates? (ROLLING STONE)

5/15/19: Social justice isn’t found in commercial weed (ST LOUIS DISPATCH)

5/14/19: Study finds disproportionate number of black people arrested in D.C. (WASHINGTON POST)

5/12/19: ‘Jeopardizing my children’s lifestyle’: Marijuana industry moms face a unique stigma (YAHOO NEWS)

5/10/19: Washington DC’s weird weed economy means pot is free and stickers cost $80 (QUARTZ)

5/7/19: Marijuana-themed AirBNB tests Washington, D.C. pot laws (GREEN STATE)

5/5/19: What Is The Washington D.C. Safe Cannabis Sales Act Of 2019? (WEED NEWS)

5/2/19: D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser unveils bill to legalize recreational marijuana sales (WASHINGTON POST)

5/2/19: DC officials want ganja money, forget the consequences (THE DC LINE)

4/30/19: With Sessions no longer AG, marijuana banking bill gains momentum (WASHINGTON EXAMINER)

4/26/19: Seeing Through the Haze Part III: What will federal legalization of marijuana look like? (JD SUPRA)

4/25/19: As pot flourishes in D.C., federal ban restricts use by tenants in public housing (WASHINGTON POST)

4/24/19: The Weed Industry Is Burning Millions on DC Lobbyists and Getting Nowhere (VICE)

4/24/19: Federal marijuana reform may be entering new era, even if high hurdles remain (MJ BIZ DAILY)

4/24/19: Kodak Black Tour Buses Raided by Police During Washington D.C. Concert, Kodak In The Clear (THE BLAST)

4/22/19: Monuments, museums, marijuana: Take a whiff of D.C.’s new pot-infused tourism (WASHINGTON POST)

4/22/19: Marijuana Legalization Not Linked To Increased Traffic Deaths, Study Finds (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

4/22/19: Music, Food, and High Times in DC at National Cannabis Festival on 4/20 (WEEDMAPS)

4/19/19: D.C. Is the Most Expensive Place in the Country to Light Up (WASHINGTON CITY PAPER)

4/19/19: D.C. medical marijuana program ‘getting better’ (WASHINGTON BLADE)

4/19/19: Norton Reintroduces Bill To Allow Marijuana Use In Federally Assisted Housing (DCist)

4/19/19: Cannabis industry leaders to meet on 4/20: What to expect (FOX BUSINESS)

4/19/19: For Your Weekend: Easter Karaoke, Cannabis Festival, Botanic Garden Yoga (NBC 4)

4/18/19: Is a Lack of Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries Keeping DC Home Prices in Check? (URBAN TURF)

4/18/19: Weed, walking and waffles: National Cannabis Festival founder Caroline Phillips’ D.C. dream day (WASHINGTON POST)

4/18/19: Marijuana is a medicine not a menace (WASHINGTON BLADE)

4/18/19: National Cannabis Fest on Weed Holiday “ 4/20” (AFRO)

4/17/19: Democrats push for Washington, DC, to become the 51st state (THE ECONOMIST)

4/15/19: Where the war on weed still rages (WASHINGTON POST)

4/15/19: DC Police cracking down on pop-up pot parties (FOX 5)

4/12/19: Congress, stop blocking D.C. from regulating its marijuana market (WASHINGTON POST)

4/11/19: Kline to serve as National Cannabis Industry Association director of public policy (MJ BIZ DAILY)

4/11/19: Jay Inslee, a Democrat running for president, says he would “consider” legalizing psychedelic mushrooms (CBS NEWS)

4/11/19: Maryland Rep. Andy Harris has become ‘Public Enemy No. 1’ for marijuana activists. How did it get so personal? (BALTIMORE SUN)

4/11/19: Airbnb renters booked an upscale home in D.C., then trashed it, police say (WASHINGTON POST)

4/11/19: Murkowski Raises STATES Act to U.S. Attorney General – highlights conflict between state federal marijuana laws (NBC 11)

4/10/19: QAnon-believing candidate wants to ‘decapitate DC’s swamp monsters’ (NY POST)

4/8/19: Recreational marijuana: What to know about anti-pot lobbying, pharma, alcohol and tobacco (LOHUD)

4/5/19: FDA Schedules Hearing on CBD-Infused Food and Drinks (MARIJUANA TIMES)

4/5/19: The STATES Act Could Be the Biggest Win for Federal Marijuana Reform in 2019 (ESQUIRE)

4/3/19: 2020 candidate Andrew Yang promises to legalize marijuana and pardon all non-violent drug offenders on 4/20 if he’s elected (BUSINESS INSIDER)

4/1/19: The Cannabis Industry Has Always Been Rooted in Racism. Black Chefs Are Pushing Back (EATER)

3/28/19: Cannabis Banking Bill Advances in Congress (CANNABIS BUSINESS TIMES)

3/26/19: A pot banking bill is headed to House markup with bipartisan support (ROLL CALL)

3/25/19: The DEA is looking for someone to burn a ton of weed every two hours (QUARTZ) in-depth

3/18/19: Trump Budget Proposes Loosening DC Marijuana Legalization Restrictions (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

3/15/19: Cannabis industry prepares multi-million dollar war chests for Washington (POT NETWORK)

3/14/19: Chicago NORML Goes To DC (NORML)

3/14/19: He once gave Jack Evans a joint. Now he’s trying to recall him from the D.C. Council (WASHINGTON POST)

3/12/19: One man killed, another injured in separate shootings at hookah bar, pop-up pot party (WASHINGTON POST)

3/12/19: Septuagenarian Entrepreneur Navigates Challenges to Bring Quality Medical Cannabis to East Coast (NEW CANNABIS VENTURES) interview with Phyto!

3/11/19: DC Police investigating shootings at pop-up pot parties (FOX 5 DC)

3/11/19: Salem marijuana dispensary puts adult use sales on hold (WASHINGTON EXAMINER)

3/10/19: Democrats Push to Make Washington, D.C., the Fifty-first State (THE NEW YORKER)

3/8/19: How safe is legal marijuana? (WJLA)

3/8/19: DC Dispensary Blazes Trail for Race, Gender Equity in Cannabis Industry (WEEDMAPS NEWS)

3/7/19: You Can Now Get Medical Marijuana While Vacationing In Hawaii: The Cannabis Visiting Patient Program (FORBES)

3/5/19: NJ marijuana dealers say black market will be ‘business as usual,’ even with legal weed (APP USA TODAY)

2/28/19: Astro Doughnuts Is Rolling Out Its First CBD Doughnut (DCist)

2/27/19: Some D.C. Employees Say They Face ‘Zero Tolerance’ For Medical Marijuana Use (WAMU)

2/22/19: Wasted Resources? I-Team Finds Most Marijuana Raid Charges Are Dismissed (NBC WASHINGTON)

2/21/19: New marijuana laws in 2019 could help black and Latino drug dealers go legal (CHICAGO SUN TIMES) “in Washington, D.C., where marijuana is legal, a black person is 11 times more likely than a white person to be arrested for public consumption of marijuana, according to Metropolitan Police Department statistics.”

2/21/19: Thousands of People in DC Area Seek Treatment for Marijuana Dependency Each Year (NBC 4)

2/20/19: The Miracle Molecule? Putting CBD Products to the Test (NBC 4) Josh Sanderlin quoted!

2/18/19: New problem for legal weed: Exploding pot factories (POLITICO)

2/14/19: House Subcommittee Addresses Money Matters for Marijuana Transactions (WEEDMAPS)

2/14/19: SAFE Banking Act Gains Cannabis-Friendly Spotlight In Congress (PYMNTS.COM)

2/7/19: Here’s Who Will Testify About Marijuana On Capitol Hill Next Week (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/31/19: National Holistic Healing Center announces price drops across the board as part of their Affordable Healthcare initiative, including Alternative Solutions strains at $12/gram everyday indefinitely (GT)

1/25/19: Legal cannabis gifts lead to new business practice in Michigan (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/24/19: D.C. political insider opens first medical marijuana dispensary east of the river (WASHINGTON POST)

1/24/19: Greene’s Thumb: Politically Connected Figure to Open Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Ward 8 (WASHINGTON CITY PAPER)

1/24/19: Medical marijuana dispensary is first of its kind in Southeast DC (WTOP)

1/23/19: Businesses gift marijuana with snacks within State Law (MICHIGAN DAILY)

1/22/19: DC Lawmaker Proposes Same-Day Medical Marijuana Access And Social Use Spaces (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/18/19: Grosso Pushes Marijuana Legislation with Democratic House in Session (AFRO.COM)

1/17/19: Everything You Need to Know About the Women’s March in DC This Weekend (THRILLIST)

1/15/19: AG nominee Barr has good news for D.C. legal marijuana advocates (WASHINGTON POST)

1/15/19: Desperate Parents and Discount Marijuana: DC in a Shutdown (VOA NEWS)

1/14/19: Cannabis Trade Federation hires 15 DC lobbyists to push for US marijuana law reform (MJ BIZ DAILY)

1/10/19: D.C. Pot Lobbyist : The Future of Marijuana Legalization on Capitol Hill (WGBH)


1/8/19: D.C. Lawmaker Files Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Despite Federal Concerns (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/8/19: Bill taxing and regulating marijuana sales coming soon to D.C: Mayor Bowser (WASHINGTON TIMES)

1/8/19: “New hope for bill to legalize marijuana sales in D.C.” (PoPville) FYI, Cafe Romeo pictured has terrible pizza.

1/7/19: Mayor Promises A Bill To Legalize Marijuana Sales Is Coming ‘Soon.’ One Councilmember Isn’t Waiting (DCist)

1/7/19: DC Police Seize $2.5M in Heroin, Maserati in Area’s Largest-Ever Drug Bust (NBC 4) 

1/5/19: Fire reported at medical marijuana warehouse in D.C. (WASHINGTON POST) Holistic Remedies/Organic Wellness/Liberty. I feel I should point out I had nothing to do with it.

1/2/19: Medical Marijuana Protected Under Democrats’ Spending Bill, But DC Blocked From Legalizing Sales (FORBES) Not surprising.

1/2/19: D.C. Police Bragged About Busting an ‘Illegal Narcotics Pop-Up Operation.’ Or As You Might Call It, Some People Selling Weed. (REASON)

1/2/19: D.C. Mayor Bowser takes the oath of office for a second term (WASHINGTON POST)

1/2/19: Gift of pot? Marijuana businesses work in Michigan law’s gray area (THE DETROIT NEWS)

12/20/18: DC Police make ‘substantial’ seizure at marijuana pop-ups (WUSA9) There’s a lot to unpack here. First, Lit City and its neighbor were raided. Second, this quote from MPD: “We have seen other narcotics, like heroin and cocaine at these parties,” he said. “And, at several, we’ve seen firearms and that’s a concern of ours.”

12/19/18: Women’s March 2019: Everything you need to know (ABC NEWS) “Though marijuana was legalized in Washington D.C., it is still illegal on a federal level and the march will be taking place on federal property — the National Mall — so it should be kept at home.” Accurate.

12/16/18: Marijuana Businesses in Michigan Skirt No-Sale Regulations with Cannabis Gifting (CIVILIZED)

12/14/18: Pilot With Cannabis Chocolate Bars Ends Up In DC Circuit Court (GREEN MARKET REPORT)

12/14/18: The CBD Revolution Is Being Led by Women (FREEDOM LEAF)

12/13/18: ‘Buy some chocolate, get some weed,’ says new Ann Arbor business (MLIVE.COM) Looks like they’re gifting in Michigan ahead of retail sales

12/13/18: Virginia entrepreneur wants to start marijuana gifting business in Detroit (DETROIT FREE PRESS)

12/10/18: Trump Official Wants To ‘Legally Permit’ Medical Marijuana In Federally-Subsidized Housing (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

12/7/18: Initiative 77 backers scramble to collect signatures to put tipped wage hike back on D.C. ballot (WASHINGTON POST) Adam Eidinger quoted.

12/6/18: How pot went upscale so fast (SEATTLE TIMES) Cool open about DC and NoVA.

12/6/18: ACLU-DC settles lawsuit against MPD officer accused of anal probe during stop and frisk (WJLA)

11/30/18: A 12-year-old gave out THC-laced gummies, police say. At least five classmates were hospitalized. (WASHINGTON POST) It was in Florida. Also, I think it’s kind of weird to say ‘hospitalized’ when they, uh, just had to wait to not be high anymore. It’s not like they had to get injections of 100cc’s stat! to live or whatever.

11/29/18: Man Stabbed By Two Unknown Suspects In Georgetown: Police (PATCH.COM) Yo WTF??? You gotta read this.

11/13/18: What The 2018 Midterm Results Mean For Legal Marijuana In D.C. (WAMU)

11/13/18: D.C. man arrested on gun charge after relatives alert police to his alleged white nationalist outbursts (WASHINGTON POST) “During his interview with federal agents, he told them he used marijuana nearly every day.” Ugh. I’ve said it before- everybody likes weed, including some really shitty people, which is what led to my Theory of the Even Distribution of Assholes.

11/12/18: ‘Right the ship’: Southern University’s marijuana partner gets new owner who promises production progress (THE ADVOCATE) Ilera Holistice Healthcare, the company working with Southern, recently merged with NHHC

11/9/18: Snoop Dogg Smoked a Blunt Outside the White House to Protest Trump (CIVILIZED) whaaaaa?

11/7/18: Democratic House flip may mean full legalization of marijuana in nation’s capital (WASHINGTON POST) but there’s basically an entire snow level between here and there. Good read.

11/5/18: DC Residents May Finally Be Able To Legally Sell Marijuana If Democrats Win The House (BUZZFEED)

11/2/18: Man used Airbnb sites to stash marijuana in door-to-door delivery operation, authorities say (WASHINGTON POST) Jinkies!

11/2/18: Drug Referrals Triple at Georgetown, Stagnate at Local Universities (THE HOYA)

11/2/18: Lost Village Finds Voice Against Marijuana Store Proposal Here (CHARLESTOWN PATRIOT-BRIDGE) District Growers quoted, lls ensue.

11/2/18: Backlash to Elissa Silverman’s D.C. Council first term fuels campaign to unseat her (WASHINGTON POST) Eidinger quoted


10/31/18: Marijuana and Young People: A Legal State’s Approach and Concerns (MY ND NOW.COM) discussion of DC’s laws

10/29/18: DCMJ releases their 2018 Voter’s Guide, currently unavailable online. THUMBS UP: Nadeau, Silverman, Allen, Racine, Brown, Garcia, Norton. THUMBS DOWN: Mendelson, McDuffie. UNDECIDED: Bowser, Cheh. DC HAS SAME-DAY VOTER REGISTRATION YALL!!!

10/18/18: How DC is implementing marijuana measures (GOOD4UTAH.COM)

10/15/18: First look: New medical marijuana dispensary to open in Somerville (BOSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL) It’s Liberty!

10/13/18: Book explores policy battles over marijuana use (SANDUSKY REGISTER) Suuuuuper interesting, check out the author’s comments about DC.

10/10/18: Anti-K2 Activists Seek Crackdown on Local Businesses (WASHINGTON INFORMER)

10/10/18: The Cheeba Coalition pop-up at Sign of the Whale on M St NW was raided last night. GT

10/9/18: Long Island poker pro faces federal charges in Maryland for massive pot scheme (BALTIMORE SUN)

10/4/18: Pro-marijuana protesters, Andy Harris clash in DC; arrests made (DELMARVA NOW) Omitted from the article: activist Rachel Donlan is pressing assault charges against Harris for slamming the door on her leg cuz he’s a fuckface. GT

10/4/18: Virginia official apologizes for ‘stupid tweet’ about shooting protesters at Rep. Andy Harris’ office (BALTIMORE SUN) Yikes! GT

10/4/18: Marijuana Advocates Frustrated With Congressional Members (FORBES)

9/25/18: Bowser backs bill penalizing dealers of synthetic drugs as overdoses spike in D.C. (WASHINGTON POST) 

9/21/18: D.C. arrests for marijuana use to result in citation, not custody, officials say (WASHINGTON POST)

9/15/18: Washington DC’s budding market for legal pot is rife with potential pitfalls — here’s what you need to know (CNBC)

9/7/18: Pot pop-up shop raided in DC; 27 arrests made (WJLA)

9/7/18: DC police cracking down on illegal marijuana pop-up parties (FOX 5)

8/24/18: Leader of DC-area drug ring nabbed in Operation Tin Panda sentenced to 16 years (WTOP)

8/21/18: DC medical marijuana dispensary Capital City Care sent out an email that a fire on the roof of their building led to water damage that has forced them to close until further notice. GT

8/17/18: Here’s why the term ‘synthetic marijuana’ is misleading (WASHINGTON EXAMINER) THANK YOU. IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME.

8/7/18: Congressional Ban On D.C. Marijuana Sales Drives Arrests, New Police Data Suggests (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

8/7/18: Police: 86% of people arrested for marijuana in DC are black (WUSA 9)

7/27/18: D.C. Has Had More Than 300 Synthetic Marijuana Overdoses In 2 Weeks (NPR)

7/26/18: Trying (And Failing) To Find Legal Marijuana In Washington, DC (CIVILIZED)

7/20/18: D.C. officials issue alert about “potentially fatal batch of K2” (CBS NEWS)

7/20/18: Vermont marijuana: ‘Gifting’ delivery businesses crop up (BURLINGTON FREE PRESS)

7/19/18: House Republicans target District over effort to prop up Affordable Care Act (WASHINGTON POST) and adult-use cannabis sales. GT

7/18/18: Man Says Frisk by D.C. Police Felt Like Sexual Assault (NBC WASHINGTON)

7/16/18: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Gets Some Marijuana: A True Story (PROGRESSIVE.ORG)

7/4/18: Legalization lesson for VT in DC marijuana experience (WILX) GT’s on TV wuuuut???

7/4/18: This July 4, Let’s Look at the American Revolution in Marijuana Legalization (MARIJUANA.COM)

7/3/18: D.C. Woman Spearheads National Marijuana Bill (THE WASHINGTON INFORMER)

6/28/18: D.C. dispensaries say patients languish in pain while waiting for medical marijuana cards (WASHINGTON TIMES)

6/25/18: Continuing the recent trend, WeLit’s Monday night pop-up event was shut down by police per WeLit’s Instagram. GT

6/21/18: Bill Introduced to Allow Marijuana in Public Housing in Legal States (HIGH TIMES)

6/19/18: Congressional Bill Would Allow Marijuana Use in Public Housing (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

6/18/18: 30 Arrested at Washington DC Marijuana Pop-Up Event (HIGH TIMES) The next three are about the same pop-up bust this weekend. This sucks, but it’s nothing Cali didn’t go through. GT

6/18/18: 30 arrested at ‘pop up’ marijuana event in Northeast DC (WTOP)

6/17/18: Police report 30 arrests at pop-up marijuana event in the District (WASHINGTON POST)

6/17/18: Marijuana, Edibles, Cash and Guns Seized in DC (NBC4)

6/11/18: Congressional Black Caucus Wants Marijuana Decriminalized (WASHINGTON INFORMER)

6/4/18: Congress Blocks Recreational Marijuana Sales In Washington, D.C. (HERB.CO)

6/4/18: Congressman Andy Harris (R-MD), who has blocked marijuana reforms in Washington, D.C., refused to discuss the issue with a constituent after an event. (MARIJUANA MOMENT) The constituent is Adam Eidinger, of course. GT

5/31/18: Inside Washington DC’s Pop-Up Marijuana Markets (HIGH TIMES)

5/31/18: Brookings debuts its first documentary-short on medical marijuana in DC (BROOKINGS.EDU)

5/29/18: This Baker, Entrepreneur, and Mother Fights for Section 8 Tenants to Use Medical Cannabis (ESTRO HAZE)

5/24/18: The pot lobby hits Capitol Hill (MARKETPLACE)

5/23/18: Members of Congress Join Cannabis Business Leaders In D.C. To Advocate For Federal Cannabis Policy Reform (WEEDNEWS)

5/23/18: Greenspoon Marder Snaps Up Pro-Pot Lobbying Group in DC (LAW.COM)

5/22/18: Five facts you didn’t know about the cannabis industry (CNBC)

5/21/18: Cannidex Brands Signs License Agreement With Alternative Solutions To Distribute CANNIDEX+ In Washington, DC (PR NEWSWIRE) Cool new topicals on deck- GT

5/17/18: House panel votes to keep blocking DOJ from state medical marijuana law meddling (WJLA)

5/14/18: WJZ HealthWatch: Parents Smoking Marijuana (CBS DC)

5/5/18: Medical marijuana dispensary on Capitol Hill forced to shut down temporarily (WASHINGTON POST)

5/3/18: Is Kush Kosher? I Went to Cannabis Fest to Find Out (NEW VOICES)

5/3/18: Stirring the Political Pot (EUGENE WEEKLY)

5/2/18: Keep Hands Off Local Laws, DC Politicians Tell Congress (ROLL CALL) Nice!

5/2/18: In Washington, Marijuana ‘Gifts’ on the Rise (CHEDDAR)

4/27/18: Budding Marijuana Businesses Discuss Real Estate, Banking Challenges (BISNOW)

4/27/18: Congress considers ending the eviction of marijuana patients in public housing (HERB.CO)

4/27/18: Higher Law: What to Ask Would-Be Clients? (LAW.COM)

4/26/18: Police: Woman had hundreds of grams of marijuana, edibles in her car during traffic stop (FREDERICK NEWS POST) read where she got it from- GT

4/25/18: The Rolling Stone Guide to Legal Pot: Washington, D.C. (ROLLING STONE)

4/23/18: Hundreds of Cannabis Business Leaders to Advocate for Fair Treatment During 8th Annual Cannabis Industry Lobby Days (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

4/20/18: DC pot advocates still selling, despite police raids (WTOP)

4/20/18: Can you smoke weed here? A look at the DC, Maryland and Virginia laws (WUSA 9)

4/20/18: The State Of Weed In The Washington Region: What’s Legal, What’s Not, And What’s Changing (WAMU)

4/20/18: Getting High is a Civil Right (CITYLAB)

4/18/18: The Histories of Cannabis and Race Are Intertwined (PORTLAND MERCURY)

4/18/18: Marijuana Legalization 2018: A State-by-State Guide to Legal Weed (INVERSE)

4/17/18: Prevalence of Marijuana “Gifting” Attracting Police Raids; DC Attorney General Weighs in (IN TOWNER) GT gettin some love, coolio!

4/13/18: RECIPROCITY IS HERE, YAY! Details are here. GT

4/9/18: DC’s medical marijuana program no longer limits patients to a single dispensary as of today. Hooray! Actual reciprocity- that is, using another state’s valid MMJ card,  is coming very soon- end of this week, maybe! I’ll let you know as soon as it does. GT

4/8/18: DC cannabis activist moves to Md. to vote congressman out of office (WTOP)

4/4/18: Tory senators talk pot legalization with Jeff Sessions in D.C. (CTV NEWS) Ewwwww. I thought Canada was cool, man. GT

4/5/18: Look Who’s Going to This National Cannabis Summit on 4/20 (SF WEEKLY)

4/4/18: DC Uprising: After the riots, an activist on trial (WTOP)

4/2/18: Medical marijuana patients are getting evicted in legal states (HERB.CO)

4/2/18: DC Marijuana Justice hands out free cannabis at HUD to protest public housing laws (WJLA)

4/2/18: The 5 worst pot busts in history (HERB.CO)

4/1/18: I was a prosecutor. Let’s consider how D.C. and Vermont tackled legalizing weed (NJ.COM)

3/27/18: D.C. lawmakers accept weed from activists as conflict over murky marijuana laws continues (WASHINGTON POST)

3/26/18: In the murky world of D.C. marijuana law, pop-up markets thrive (WASHINGTON POST)

3/17/18: Officials: Package Opened at DC Jail Had Synthetic Cannabis (US NEWS)

3/16/18: Washington, DC: Legislation to Expand Medical Cannabis Retail Access (NORML)

3/16/18: Pot Stocks, ETFs, Top News And Data From The Cannabis Industry This Week (BENZINGA) 

3/16/18: Dana Rohrabacher’s Last Stand: California Conservative’s Fate Could Hinge on Cannabis Vote (LEAFLY)

3/12/18: More pop-up events were raided by the Metropolitan Police Dept this weekend. GT

3/7/18: ‘This is not a social network’: Q&A with new Women Grow chair Chanda Macias (MJ BIZ DAILY)

3/7/18: D.C. — And Congress — Block Public Vote On Legalizing Marijuana Sales (WAMU)

3/7/18: Man arrested on Turnpike was delivering pot to D.C. dispensary (RECORD-COURIER) Whoa, whut?!? 

3/6/18: PA’s new medical marijuana effort resembles Big Pharma: sky high prices and lots of shortages (PHILLY.COM) Cool DC mention at the end- GT

3/5/18: A Cannabis Gift Economy Grows in Maine as Recreational Sales Face Further Delays (MERRY JANE)

3/4/18: What Maine clients get if they pay for delivery: Free pot (PRESS HERALD)

2/25/18: Marijuana-gifting parties shift from large events to intimate gatherings (GW HATCHET) GT Quoted!

2/23/18: Chronicling the Grass-Roots Fight for Legal Pot in DC (THE HOYA)

2/23/18: Cannabis Industry Heads to Washington to Tell Congress What It Needs to Thrive (ENTREPRENEUR)

2/23/18: Top 10 US Cities For Marijuana Consumption Revealed (THE FIX) DC in at #11!

2/23/18: Despite Pushback, Student Drug Use Continues (THE HOYA)

2/22/18: DC Police Raid Home in Glover Park; 1 Arrested on Drug Charges (NBC WASHINGTON)

2/21/18: This Man Is The Reason Congress Can’t Vote On Marijuana Anymore (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

2/16/18: 6 Most Popular Marijuana Strains in Washington D.C. (CIVILIZED) Where did they get this info? The intro is vague. A few of them are correct- Bubba Kush, Gelato, and Platinum GSC (though I’d just say GSC) but Obama Kush and AK-47 are Uncommon in collector parlance, and Clementine is Super Rare.

2/13/18: Travel writer Rick Steves goes to Washington for legal cannabis (GREEN STATE)

2/13/18: Cops in Washington D.C. Are Cracking Down on Cannabis Gifting Events (MERRY JANE) Other cannabis websites remove me from their rehashed articles cuz I’m, like, a competitor now. It’s the second time Merry Jane has done it. Lulz.

2/11/18: 10 Cities With the Most and Least Expensive Marijuana in the World (THE MOTLEY FOOL) Highlight: “Washington, D.C., actually just missed out on the top-10 most expensive cities with a per gram cost of $18.08”

2/8/18: Cannabis Crackdown? Marijuana ‘Gifting’ Events Draw The Attention Of D.C. Authorities (WAMU) GT quoted!

2/7/18: To exploit a loophole, D.C. stoners are just giving away weed at pop-up events (THE ROOSTER MAGAZINE) GT quoted!

2/1/18: Why Washington DC Police Are Cracking Down on Cannabis ‘Gifting’ (LEAFLY)

2/1/18: The tea costs $60, but the weed is free: Cannabis capitalists exploit loopholes by ‘gifting’ the drug (CHICAGO TRIBUNE)

1/31/18: Trey Gowdy, DC’s Boss on Capitol Hill, Won’t Run for Re-Election (WASHINGTONIAN)

1/30/18: As technology expands in the marijuana industry, women are networking to learn about new business opportunities (WASHINGTON POST)

1/29/18: After legalization, black people are still arrested at higher rates for marijuana than white people (VOX)

1/27/18: How to Legally Buy Weed In D.C. Without Actually Buying Any Weed at All (REASON.COM) GT quoted!

1/24/18: 22 People Arrested, 17 Lbs. of Marijuana Seized in Downtown DC Drug Bust (WNBC)

1/24/18: Police raid downtown D.C. lounge, seize several pounds of marijuana, authorities say (WASHINGTON POST)

1/22/18: Supreme Court sides with D.C. police over partygoers in wild bash (CANNABIST)

1/20/18: Juju Liqueur – Now with the taste of cannabis! (SB NATION)

1/19/18: Washington DC’s Cannabis Market Is Still Untested, Untaxed, and Underground (LEAFLY) Canamelo & High Focus quoted, nice!

1/18/18: Washington DC’s Cannabis Scene Braces for the Trump Era (LEAFLY)

1/17/18: Local Chef Adds Special Ingredient to D.C.’s Favorite Sauce (AFRO.COM)

1/15/18: Green rush, grey market: How free weed is firing up D.C.’s pot ‘gifting economy’ (CBC NEWS) GT QUOTED!

1/10/18: The grass is green for careers in cannabis research (SCIENCE MAG) Holistic Remedies quoted

1/9/18: What’s The Future Of Cannabis? Here Are 3 Scenarios (THE FRESH TOAST)

1/8/18: Washington, D.C. councilmember, at the request of the mayor, introduced legislation to allow reciprocity for out-of-state medical cannabis patients. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

1/5/18: How will Jeff Sessions’ marijuana memo impact the cannabis industry in D.C. and Maryland? (WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL)

1/4/18: D.C.’s cultural leaders predict what you’ll be talking about in 2018 (WASHINGTON POST) GT QUOTED!!!

1/4/18: Lawyers, legal experts watching how Sessions’s new marijuana enforcement impacts District residents (WASHINGTON POST)

1/4/18: The only statement on Twitter that Mayor Bowser has made regarding the announcement that AG Sessions will rescind the Cole memo was a retweet from Amy Walter that has since been deleted from the Mayor’s feed. It reads “Members of Congress who are upset about Sessions’ pot decision have ability to do something about it: pass fed law on pot legalization.” GT

12/29/17: How Congress unwittingly turned the nation’s capital into the Wild West of marijuana (LA TIMES) GT QUOTED!!!

12/29/17: Washington, D.C. councilmember, at the request of the mayor, introduced a bill to ban the use of butane or other explosive gases for marijuana extractions by home growers. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

12/28/17: At least three marijuana pop-up events were raided this past Saturday, 12/23. GT

12/26/17: India Globalization Capital to use Blockchain to Address Issues Specific to the Medical Cannabis Industry (GLOBE NEWSWIRE)

12/24/17: Rob Kampia Leaves Marijuana Policy Project (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

12/22/17: D.C. Sexologist: Black Women Need to Love Themselves (NEW PITTSBURGH COURIER)

12/20/17: A Woman’s Dream to Empower the People’s Medicine (HUFFINGTON POST)

12/19/17: Tikun Olam Partners With Washington D.C.-Based Alternative Solutions (CANNABIS BUSINESS TIMES) This is a huge deal! Yuuuge!

12/19/17: Spotlight on Sexual Misconduct Reopens Old Wounds at Marijuana Policy Project (WASHINGTON CITY PAPER)

12/18/17: District Growers, one of DC’s medical marijuana cultivators, is hiring a junior gardener. That could be you, baby!

12/13/17: The Washington, D.C. Council is considering legislation to set fines for violations by medical cannabis cultivators. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

12/10/17: Jeff Sessions Meets With Anti-Cannabis Crusaders (OREGON CANNABIS CONNECTION) meeting in DC

12/8/17: Gentleman Toker’s reviews are now featured on GrowersNetwork.org. Full disclosure, I am Gentleman Toker. CHECK IT OUT!

12/5/17: The search for the best chocolate chip cookie recipe is over (WASHINGTON POST) Go DC TasteBuds!

11/29/17: Learn how to cook with cannabis this Sunday in DC (WUSA)

11/27/17: NIDA Study Finds Underage Cannabis Use Alters Brain Connectivity (LEAFLY) the conference was in DC- GT

11/27/17: Drs. Oz & Roizen: Marijuana a good pain relief alternative to opioids? (ONLINE ATHENS) another DC con- GT

11/22/17: A grow-your-own pot boom: From young tokers to elderly cancer patients (WASHINGTON POST)

11/22/17: Cannabis Business Executive Cancels Conference (NEW CANNABIS VENTURES)

11/21/17: Did Past Harassment Allegations Finally Catch Up To MPP’s Rob Kampia? (LEAFLY)

11/21/17: New Senate Bill Could End the Ban on Legal Cannabis Sales in Washington D.C. (MERRY JANE)

11/20/17: Top GOP Senator’s Bill Lets DC Legalize Marijuana Sales (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

11/17/17: 7 ON YOUR SIDE: Undercover look at pop-up weed store in DC (WJLA)

11/16/17: Polis, Gardner, Bennet Trying to Reform Cannabis Tax Laws in D.C. (WESTWORD)

11/16/17: One of the Kettle Falls Five encourages Congress to keep states’ protection for medical marijuana (INLANDER)

11/11/17: Just In Time For The Holidays! Greeting Cards For Your Cannabis Lover (THE FRESH TOAST)

11/8/17: The Washington, D.C. Council held a hearing on legislation to allow medical cannabis patients to self-certify without doctors and to allow social use areas. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

11/8/17: Wall’s Street Invasion of the Legal Weed Market (INSTITUTIONAL INVESTOR)

11/7/17: 4 things for federal contractors to remember about the Drug Free Workplace Act (FEDERAL NEWS RADIO)

11/6/17: Veterans Hold Press Conference to Ramp Up Support for Medical Marijuana (CIVILIZED)

11/4/17: Happy Cannabis Legalization Anniversary To Oregon, Alaska, And D.C. (WEED NEWS)

11/3/17: D.C. Police Raid In Southwest Yields 53 Pounds Of Pot And $75,000 In Cash (WAMU)

11/2/17: Michael J. Fox Foundation Joins Fight For Medical Marijuana Patients (THE FRESH TOAST)

11/1/17: Activists push for medical marijuana on Capitol Hill (GRAY DC)

11/1/17: D.C. Cannabis Activists Give Out Free Weed to Protest Public Housing Rules on Marijuana (MERRY JANE)

10/31/17: Careers in Cannabis | Dispensary Owner Dr. Chanda Macias (HUFFINGTON POST)

10/31/17: DC Marijuana Activists Are Giving Out Free Pot Outside HUD Today (WASHINGTONIAN)

10/31/17: Washington, DC activists will give away marijuana outside the headquarters of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development TODAY to protest policies that evict people from public housing for cannabis. (DCMJ)

10/26/17: The Washington, D.C. Council Health Committee will hold a hearing on legislation to allow medical cannabis patients to self-certify and to create social use areas on November 9. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

10/23/17: Eventbrite Is Pulling Some Cannabis Events From Its Site, Leaving Organizers Frustrated (FORBES) RUH-ROH, SHAGGY! I’m kidding, this is just an opportunity for somebody else to make a lot of money.

10/20/17: St. Elizabeths Hospital: Government testing at the asylum briefly explored using marijuana as a “truth serum” on Nazi prisoners of war. (ATLAS OBSCURA) WOW!

10/18/17: Can Legal Weed Still Stop You from Getting a Job in D.C.? (AFRO.COM)

10/16/17: Federal Employees, Smoking Pot and Working in DC (FEDSMITH.COM) THE CLAP BACK!

10/12/17: Profile of the Cannabis Consumers within the D.C. Market Influencing Federal Government (GREEN MARKET REPORT)

10/12/17: 11% Of Government Employees In D.C. Area Have Bought Legal Marijuana, Survey Suggests (FORBES)

10/12/17: Which Famous Stoner Would You Want For President? D.C. Tourists Weigh In (MERRY JANE)

10/11/17: Cyber Platform Highlights Weed Culture (AFRO.COM)

9/29/17: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) sent a tweet seemingly endorsing District of Columbia entrepreneurs’ workarounds of the city’s ban on legal marijuana sales through which they sell overpriced shirts and juices and “gift” customers with “free” marijuana. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

9/29/17: Meet the Cannabis Activist Who Gave Out Free Joints at Trump’s Inauguration (MERRY JANE)

9/28/17: Legal loophole in DC creates bizarre pot bazaar (ASSOCIATED PRESS)

9/26/17: College Medical Marijuana Policy Leaves Many Students Unable to Legally Consume (NORML)

9/23/17: As the Cannabis Industry Builds, Women and Minorities Continue to Push for their Piece of the Pie (MERRY JANE)

9/21/17: You Might Be Able To Get Marijuana Without Doctor Approval In DC (THE FRESH TOAST)

9/21/17: Cannabis-Friendly Painting Classes Can Help Bring Out Your Inner Child – And Artist (CIVILIZED)

9/21/17: Marijuana industry looks to get more women, minorities in the pot business (WASHINGTON POST)

9/20/17: Washington, D.C. Lawmaker Wants to Remove All Barriers to Medical Marijuana Access (MERRY JANE)

9/19/17: DC Lawmaker Wants To Let People Get Medical Marijuana Without Doctor Approval (FORBES)

9/19/17: Denver NORML Lobbies in D.C. for Cannabis Banking, State’s Rights (WESTWORD)

9/13/17: Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) spoke on the House floor about an appropriations rider that prevents Washington, D.C. from spending its own money on marijuana regulation. (CSPAN)

9/11/17: ‘I’m Two For Two’: Judge Drops Case Against Weed Advocate Who Toked On Capitol Hill (DCIST)

9/11/17: NORML is hosting its conference and lobby day in Washington, D.C. this week. (MARIJUANA MOMENT)

9/11/17: Washington, D.C. activist Adam Eidinger’s federal trial stemming from a smoke-in in front of the U.S. Capitol begins on Monday. (MARIJUNA MOMENT)

9/7/17: Black Women Impacting D.C.’s Legal Weed Industry (AFRO.COM)

9/7/17: House Committee Blocks All Cannabis-Related Budget Amendment Votes (GANJAPRENEUR)

8/31/17: Joint Custody: The Story of Marijuana Post-Legalization (WASHINGTON CITY PAPER) I’M IN IT!

8/30/17: Minority Entrepreneurs Hope To Benefit From Budding Marijuana Industry (WAMU)

8/30/17: Advocacy Groups Head to DC Pushing for Cannabis Protections, Reforms (GANJAPRENEUR)

8/24/17: DC Man Arrested for Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana in Waldorf (SOUTHERN MARYLAND NEWS NET)


8/22/17: Meet the Local Weed Crusader Who Helps Washingtonians Navigate the Marijuana Industry (WASHINGTONIAN) IT’S A PROFILE OF YOURS TRULY!

8/16/17: Charges dropped against marijuana activist who gave out joints in front of Capitol (WASHINGTON POST)

8/15/17: Marijuana activists plan eclipse service in DC basilica (WASHINGTON EXAMINER)

8/14/17: Will marijuana make federalism go up in smoke? (WASHINGTON POST)

8/6/17: America’s Oldest Living Drug Advice Columnist Tells All (WASHINGTONIAN) THE OG GT!

8/1/17: In politically charged D.C., cannabis is a cottage industry (USA TODAY)

7/30/17: D.C. Marijuana Market: Stuck In A Gray Zone (NPR) FEATURING MOI!

7/27/17: Food and Drink Pros Enter D.C.’s New and Nebulous Cannabis Industry (WASHINGTON CITYPAPER) ALSO INCLUDING ME!

7/11/17: D.C. arrests for public use of marijuana nearly tripled last year (WASHINGTON POST)

7/3/17: It’s summer, and Washington smells like weed. Everywhere, all the time. (WASHINGTON POST) TEEHEE GO ON, GUESS!

6/22/17: Pot-Dealing Arrests Back to Pre-Legalization Levels in D.C. (US NEWS)

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