DC Cannabis Event Gifts You're Missing Out On!
I know that a lot of folks out there primarily use this sexy little website to find the hottest brands that offer gift delivery to your District doorstep, but if you haven't checked out the plethora of cannabis-inspired events that DC has to offer, then you are missing out on some premier gifts like... The Terpenstein/G Code Genetics top shelf collaboration Hell's Fire. A dab'll do ya, a glob'll drop ya. Intense, heady goodness from one of my very favorite DC brands, Silly Bees! You can Follow the buzz on Instagram. Distillate is all the rage around the events right now and I love this Jack Herer I picked up from District Dabbers. If I take too much Hell's Fire, this will balance it right out. Meds with the energy boost to fight fatigue, help me feel calm & alert, without any brain haze? I'll take one barrel, please! Just hitch it to the gray mare out back. It's not a pizelle, it's a Potzelle! A four-pack of delicious, Old World recipe cookies infused with 50mg of THC each from new edibles brand Dolci! They're almost too pretty to eat, but if you're gonna shove weed in there, buddy, they're gonna get ate. It's been for-ever since I got to meet up with District Connoisseurs. Hey, look, I managed to get a photo of their Terp Sugar before I smoked it all. Pat on the back, old chum! This stuff smells so incredibly sweet and has just a hint of lemon terps. This will keep your head right at the family barbecue. You can Follow District Connoisseurs on Instagram, of course. Khaos Confections' own cannabis syrup. Mix it with a drink or shoot it straight, the flavor on this Strawnanner will have you licking your lips! 125mg is enough for a Gentleman to forego smoking for a few hours, so it'll probably knock your ass out til the fireworks start. Go slow til you know your edible tolerance! Follow the Khaos on IG. More Terpenstein from Silly Bees! I just love these guys. This is Cookie Glue. You will want cookies, but you will not want to move. So get the snacks before you're stuck!