Cyber Week Specials at Puff Kings!

Cyber Week Deals from Puff Kings continue! This includes their in-house line of edibles that the Gentleman has personally approved for potency.- especially those gummies! Ok ok here’s the specials:

  • $99 art purchase w/ 3.5 grams of shatter
  • $99 art purchase w/ 1 gram of diamonds
  • $190 art purchase w/ .5oz of Exotic flower (Sour Apple Fritter or Indoor Grown Gelato) + any 2 edibles
  • $250 art purchase w/ 1oz of flower (Black Mamba, Biscotti, Royal Cookies, or Sherbert OG) + any 3 edibles (you choose from Gummies, Belgian Chocolates, Crisp Rice Treats, or Brownies)

Puff Kings is open 11am-8pm everyday for Curbside Pick-Up. Text (or Signal) 202-792-9891 to schedule your appointment! Check out their full menu right here:

More Puff Kings DC Photos!

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