Your Gentleman is headed back to Las Vegas for the Marijuana Business Conference and could not be more excited! I'm all jazz hands over here. Oooh, what's gonna happen? Will Rich Buffy lure me into a dangerous, sexy game of Cruel Intentions? Will I take up with a rough, black leather-clad punks for a wild night that stretches into eternity after young Kiefer tricks me into joining his crew of Lost Boys? Will I awkwardly thrust business cards into unwilling hands before imploding on myself like a sad, dying star in the corner? I don't know! But you'll get to hear all about one of the biggest, most important cannabis conventions in the country from the Gentleman's perspective. It simply wouldn't do for me to leave my mangy, marauding molemen wanting in my absence, perish the thought! So let's turn our attention now to 202 Organics. The art that 202 Organics sells comes with a gift of flowers or concentrate, which you can have delivered or you pick up at one of DC's many marijuana parties, in case you want to check them out in person. Alright, let's pop the top on this Cristal already! 202 Organics generously gifted me an eighth of this strain named after the champagne made famous by rap luminaries like Jay-Z (I did manage to find a sparse entry on Seedfinder about it if you're curious). The three thick Cristal nugs barely fit into the black pop-top container. These light green flowers with beautiful orange hairs were fresh, well-manicured, and boasted a sexy coat of trichomes. The nose was spicy, peppery, and slightly of hay. Like its namesake, these buds are best enjoyed in the evening as they're too relaxing for day use. I burned bowl after bowl of these smooth flowers while binging American Vandal, a Netflix original that uses the real-crime show formula but replaces the yaaaawn murder with the hilarious mystery of who spraypainted dicks on twenty-seven teacher's cars. It's worth pointing out that the documentary's subject, Dylan, the one blamed for the destruction, is Hollywood's stereotypical dumb, unmotivated stoner. His friends, the Way Back Boys, are presented in the same light and they're apparently the only four people in a show about high school in California that smoke weed. While it's sad to see this stereotype perpetuated, I'm not gonna get all "Micro-Aggression, HIT 'EM!" over it. The show is very well done and I'm anxiously awaiting the second season. The Gentleman enjoyed 202 Organics' Cristal flowers, too, and is definitely looking forward to trying out their selection of concentrate gifts. Don't forget to Subscribe to my Newsletter and check back in a couple of days for coverage of the Marijuana Business Conference in Las Vegas. See ya on the flip, baby!