The Giving Tree of Denver was highly rated in the Google reviews of dispensaries so I decided to swing down West 38th Avenue and check out what all the hubbub was abub. Despite referencing one of the saddest stories in children's English literature you could hope to find (about a tree that gives a boy everything that it can and then the boy grows up and carves that bitch into a boat or something, I don't quite remember), the shop itself was quaint, cheery, and I got a fair deal on some Strawberry Cough PHO (propane instead of the more common butane-extracted concentrate) from Craft710.

 Craft710 PHO Strawberry Cough 

The Giving Tree is small and a bit cramped when you get past the security room, which took little time on a Friday night. It is well-lit, which is a feature I'm big on. I want to examine the flowers, but I also don't want to buy weed in a dark room designed to look like some sketchy teenager's basement. Speaking of the flowers, they had a large selection at a single, good price point. They prepack, which I'm not a fan of, though this system seems more prevalent, into pop-tops. The budtender was knowledgeable and didn't blanch when I requested something with pinene terps, though he was unable to produce such. I wasn't any more impressed with these flowers than I was with the rest of the dispensaries I visited overall, but I did suss out some Snow Cap x Tres Kush that turned out nicely. A soft scent of warm spice, maybe sandalwood, emanated from the tiny gram I purchased for the low price of $12.38. After partaking later that evening, my thoughts gradually slid to a halt, my head felt cloudy, and I was ready for a good night's rest.

  trawberry Cough sugar wax Craft710

I also picked up a gram of propane-extracted Strawberry Cough sugar wax from Craft710. This was a nice jump in quality from the harsh $25/g (when you buy 2) trim shatter I got from Native Roots for only $8 more ($33.02 not including tax). A fair bit of that is the packaging, as it comes in a pretty orange and white box with a heavy glass container inside. The budtender let me check it out before I purchased and indeed, there was a slight whiff of strawberry sweetness on the sugar. The product was perfectly consistent and easy to work with. The cannabinoid profile listed on the test results was interesting, with 2mg of CBG to go along with 41.1mg of THC. Craft710's PHO is a bit tasteless, with only a tiny note of fruit coming through, but the buzz feels clean. Strawberry Cough is not a high-energy sativa. It's a mood-lifting medicine that helps you feel alert and aware while remaining relaxed. The word I want to use here is receptive, and while I absolutely think it will help you forge a telepathic link with your friends hiding from the hideous monstrosities lurking in The Upside-Down, what I really had in mind was meditation, or since it's summer almost, sunbathing to some new tunes like this hot track from Sir Sly. Summing up! I liked The Giving Tree of Denver. Nice shop, helpful budtender, one of the few places the dainty Gentleman deigned to buy flowers and at one of the cheapest prices I found, to boot. At $33, the Craft710 also provided great value and smooth meds with their PHO sugar wax. Definitely one of the nicer dispensaries I visited and one I'd recommend to fellow tourists.