Cookie Glue (Bagged Buds)

Christmas is gone but we still got plenty trees under the tree, baby! Metaphorically, of course, I don’t have an actual tree in my house because trees belong outside, obviously, circulating what little oxygen will remain when the rainforests have been razed into boats for the impending WaterWorld sequel, unless you’re going to chop it up and use it for firewood when you’re done. And plastic ones are just tacky, c’mon, boo. Oooh, that gave me the best idea for next year. Calendar alert added. Hmm, it looks like I have an alert now.

Oh, yes, of course! Today our friends at I71 delivery & pick-up fave Bagged Buds have Cookie Glue flowers to share with you. And I am specifically not to go on a rant about Christmas trees. Sounds easy!

Review: Sunset Sherbet

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