Chocolate Diesel (Bagged Buds)

Chocolate Diesel (Bagged Buds)

I got an email this weekend from one of my newsletter subscribers that is a conservative(?) and wasn't to cuss me out (!?!) They had decided to write their Republican delegate for not supporting marijuana legalization and wanted to share their letter with me. They literally threatened to vote Democrat at the next election if dude doesn't get right on this issue! Right now I'm thinking that perhaps, maybe, I might possibly consider being less of a dick in the future.

If there's one thing that a lot of folks in this country agree on, it's that weed should be legal. And also that was super-blatant pass interference, how did the refs not see that?!? See, look how well we're getting along already! Maybe we can agree that allowing Russia to cyberattack our electoral process is bad? Ok ok too far. Baby steps. Anyway, our friends at I71 delivery & pick-up fave Bagged Buds have some gorgeous Chocolate Diesel to share with you (pictured above) along with a whole lot of other goodies!

ACDC (high CBD!)
Mint Cookies
Super Sour Diesel
Green Crack
Cookie Glue
Grass Valley OG
Sour AK
Bruce Banner

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