Yaaaaay Snow Day!!! The first one's kinda fun. I spent mine in bed, but not the way that I would have liked to spend it in bed, if you get what I'm drifting at, wocka wocka. Statistics tell us a bunch of snow babies are conceived every time this happens. That just makes me smile for some reason. Ya horny bastards. Heheheh. The latest shatter from AFS, not so much smiling. I was expecting more beautiful golden concentrate like the Ghost OG we reviewed a while back, but the Cheese Cough pictured above and the Lemon Widow I got are both these grody-looking trim runs ($40/gram). I must have liked the Lemon Widow ok cuz apparently I smoked it all. Yes...yes, I vaguely recall now. The Cheese Cough smells a bit like ammonia but isn't too harsh. I'll say this, if your flowers smell like ammonia, you might as well run it as trim to mute it, cuz pulling live terps is gonna reek. But apparently I'm the only person in America who can smell ammonia or thinks its a problem, so I'm just gonna go grumble grumble over here, excuse me. Y'all can get back to making babies now. Heheheh.