Now available from our friends at District Hemp, CBD Dog Treats from cbdMD! That's right, baby! Don't worry about getting Mr. Poopers high- while CBD is psychoactive, it ain't the 'get stoned and eat all the Fritos kind.' Anecdotal evidence suggests it can ease the pain of arthritic old joints and inflammation to put some pep back in the step of your poor old poochy. cbdMD's Dog Treats are available in 150, 300, and 750mg doses, which probably comes down to the age & weight of the dog and whether you're planning to split the snacks with Scoobs or not (don't, District Hemp has plenty of human CBD treats for you to choose from). Best of all? District Hemp ships all across the US, so if their Manassas storefront is too far a hike, you can order online and get it delivered right to your house. Oh! District Hemp is celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary next weekend (Oct 26-27) so make sure you stop in for sweet deals and freebies and, of course, more dog treats. Here's my review of District Hemp's CBD Crumble, by the way. Hey, what happened to all my Fritos? [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="360"] VISIT DISTRICT HEMP![/caption]