Well, my garishly garbed gargoyles, there's no reason for my excruciating torment to go to waste, when we can use that delicious pain for your amusement and edification! Actually, my leg is feeling a bit better, thank you. I have managed waking two days in a row without cursing the very heavens for their indifference to my affliction, nor have I threatened to storm Mount Olympus and murder the gods with my bare hands, which is a marked improvement. Some is rightfully attributed to the CBD products I've been blessed with recently. Acure by Design Plus hooked your Gentleman up with some fantastic CBD Isolate that could easily become a staple in his marijuana medicine cabinet. CBD! You've heard a lot about this special little cannabinoid in the past couple years, I expect. So what is it? Look, I think y'all get that I'm clearly more geek than nerd, but I'll tell ya what I know. Wild cannabis grows the well-known tetrahydrocannabinol, THC for short, in about equal amounts to cannabidiol, CBD. You could say for a long time human cannabis breeding was about increasing THC, which was thought to be the psychoactive component, but nowadays- after the failure of Marinol, a pill synthesized from THC alone, to replicate the effects of smoking marijuana, we've learned that it is the entourage effect that is responsible for the high produced by consuming ganja and allows humans to actually enjoy the show Entourage, though I'm not sure that last part has ever been proven scientifically. 

CBD Isolate Acure by Design Plus 

This is totally not crack. That entourage effect is the result of cannabinoids and terpenes interacting  with each other, your own body chemistry, and your endocannabinoid system. It was only recently that the medical benefits of CBD came to light and there has been much anecdotal evidence of it's benefit to children with epilepsy in cutting down on their number of seizures, for example, folks battling cancer, with sever gastrointestinal issues, the list just goes on and on. It also seems to provide benefits without the presence of THC, which is why you see so many ads for it these days, as the law regarding CBD's legality is kinda hazy federally and by state. Some of these products are derived from low-grade hemp instead of cannabis flowers bred specifically for this cannabinoid- the benefit of such products is questionable. My own experiments with CBD have been decidedly mixed to date. Certainly, it's very helpful as a topical in easing my muscle pain. Smoking flowers or dabbing concentrate has been a different story altogether. Sometimes it helps with pain. Sometimes it exacerbates my anxiety, or makes me tired, or makes me tired but I can't sleep, and so on. Acure by Design Plus' CBD Isolate has been a remarkable find. As you can see, this concentrate is crystallized. That stability allows you to just reach in and break a chunk off to dab- the rest doesn't shatter. It has a very medicinal flavor to it that is not enjoyable, but the effects are wonderful. Immediately, I feel very calm. I can still think clearly but my anxiety completely fades away. Though CBD is widely regarded as non-psychoactive, I feel a unique buzz when I smoke it that's quite different from THC and never truly satisfying on its own. Acure's Isolate has a very nice, moderate mood-evening component that actually helps with my depression and would be a great daytime medicine all by itself if I had things to do. Laying on the floor for hours on end to abate the agony in my extremity saps my sunny disposition considerably, however, but to that end, Acure's Isolate also delivers. It would generally take about 60-90 minutes to notice any relief in my leg, but each dab did crank the pain back a couple degrees for 2-3 hours. Any port in a storm, but Acure is a mighty fine port, and one I'd happily revisit on brighter days. Acure by Design Plus CBD 

It's not meth, either, smartass.[/caption] If you want to see what exactly CBD can do for you, I highly recommend this Isolate from the folks at Acure by Design Plus. They are only available at cannabis events in Washington DC and if you want to know when and where those are, you need to Follow Acure on Instagram! And if you want to yell at me about how wrong I am about science and you're so smart, you can Follow me, too, or feel free to send your death threats here. Don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter!