Say there, friend. You like the kinda person that could use a free ounce of weed, yeah? Who couldn’t, amirite? Well, the Gentleman is delighted to tell you that our dearest compadres at I71 delivery fave Canamelo have very generously put up enough Purple Tangie, pictured above (and quite purple, as you can see) for one lucky winner to smoke for free for, eh, about a month, give or take, depending on how you prefer to partake and how selfish you’re feeling. Smoke it all yourself and don’t even tell your roommates that you won anything! Or act pained whenever they ask for a hit, and leverage them into doing your chores for you. I certainly won’t say anything. Discretion, as it happens, is the Gentleman’s middle name.

Ok, so the rules are just a teensy bit different this time so you can try out Canamelo’s wonderful appointment-setting feature! You’ll receive your free gift on Wednesday, October 3. The winner can choose an appointment anytime between 10:30am-2:30pm that day to get their totally free one ounce of flower. Remember you have to pick up your gift in Washington, DC (federal ground excluded, of course) and you have to be 21+ to receive your gift!

The rest of the rules are the same! I send out my newsletter on Friday late afternoon/early evening. You can sign up right here! When my newsletter hits your inbox, just hit reply and send me an email back claiming the prize! You’ll know it’s from me cuz I generally do some kind of song-lyric pun each week, after I ran out of video game puns a year ago. Writing’s hard work, buster! This week we’re gonna push it back to the 20th reply received. So you gotta be quick, but maybe take a one- or two-Mississippi first. Oh, look at me, I don’t need to tell you how to win a contest, smarty-pants. You do you, baby! Remember, you need to include your full name and phone number for your entry to be considered. Got it? Sweet.

But if you don’t wanna wait, you want a beautiful cannabis flower arrangement from Canamelo right freakin’ now, you don’t have to, you incorrigible scamp! Visit their website and set your own appointment– today they San Fernando Valley OG, Grape Legend, and Alien OG flowers to choose from, and don’t forget the Purple Tangie!

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Visit Canamelo!

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