CaliGold Chocolate Bars (Gifted Curators DC)
caligold chocolate marijuana edibles photo

CALIGOLD 100mg Chocolate Bars are NOW AVAILABLE for delivery in Washington DC from Gifted Curators! I ate most of a bar- 80mg- last night and was knocked out within the hour. Very nice! Visit them online or call 202-684-9915 to schedule your appointment- they're open from 10am-7pm everyday. Here's the list of gifts they have to share with you:


  • King Louis XXX (Indica)
  • The MAC (Sativa)
  • Sunset Sherbet (Indica Dominant)
  • sHittlez (Hybrid)
  • Animal Mints (Hybrid)


  • Lowell Smokes pack of 7 one-gram joints


  • CALIGOLD (100mg)
  • Stoner Patch Dummies (350mg bag)
  • Stoner Patch Watermelon (500mg bag)