Virginia's first retail CBD store, District Hemp, celebrates their One Year Anniversary this weekend, so what better time to drop by and check out all the new goodies? FYI, the official ribbon-cutting is on Friday at 1pm in Manassas. All District Hemp's house lines will be discounted 15% Friday and Saturday, and a minimum purchase of $5 gets you a ticket for a free adult beverage at one of three fine local taverns. A Gentleman never passes up a free drink, of course. That's positively uncouth. On Saturday, the first fifty customers will receive a free 250mg bottle of District Hemp's own ethanol-extracted hemp oil, so if you've been curious about trying out CBD, free is a pretty good price. 

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PLEASE BE ADVISED: Recent news reports suggest there is a risk of severe lung damage associated with vaping. State health authorities are investigating. VAPE AT YOUR OWN RISK! So let's talk turkey and by turkey, I mean CBD. Hold on, that's good, I should save that for next month. Hmm. Ok, forget you read that. What I meant to say was, we originally reviewed District Hemp's potent Blueberry CBD Crumble last year along with their Summer Fling Body Lotion, which seemed like a joke at the time, but maybe they just thought my knees were ashy. Y'know, like when somebody offers you gum? Plus they got CBD treats for your dog! Probably your cat! Goldfish too, hell, why not? Your betta will be in tip-top shape for it's next bout. There are underground fish fighting clubs, yes? I'm not really one for gambling but I got a feeling about that one with the blue stripe. He's got moxy. Pardon me, she. I don't know how to sex fish. District hemp vape juice I do know how to review cannabis and its derivative medicines, so let's segue, baby! This time around we got a bottle of District Hemp's CBD Blueberry Vape Juice to try out (50/50 PG/VG). To utilize vape juice, AKA e-liquid, you need your own vaping device, which is called a mod. I'm not gonna get into the details beyond that or explain what PG and VG mean cuz we'd be here all night and I have vampires to hunt. They always get riled up 'round Samhain. Why you might want to look into it even if you don't currently vape it is that, for me, at least, it is a very effective way to medicate with CBD. I went at it pretty heavy during my recent test run, logging 238 puffs (the mod counts for me) throughout the day, most of it during the daylight hours when I had tasks on my plate. The blueberry flavor is pleasant but I'd like to see it cranked up further to overpower the medicinal taste of the extract, but that's my personal taste.smok vape close up photo My current vape mod. Nothin' fancy but she git 'er dun.[/caption] The Gentleman has recounted cannabidiol's benefits before, and certainly found some relief from its psychoactive properties via smoking/dabbing/ingestion, but a constant stream of the stuff unlocked that next level for me. I started feeling rather calm about a half-hour in, but by early afternoon (like, three hours), I was super evened out and required only the occasional series of maintenance puffs to keep it going. No anxiety. None. No fatigue, either. Able to focus and get some writing done, no problem, plus it prevented the usual pain in my lower back that I get from standing in one spot for hours. I'm trying this standing desk idea I've heard about, by which I mean I'm standing at the kitchen counter and just now, while writing this, figured out I need to raise the computer up. Toaster oven, natch! Problem-solver, baby. Bonus, I could talk to Muggles! I felt very much on the same wavelength as the rest of society. Extremely pleased with the medical benefits provided by District Hemp's Blueberry Vape Juice (currently available in Strawberry and Melon flavors, too). Disclaimer, I didn't smoke CBD exclusively during the test- Daddy needs his THC, too, as we've learned during previous experiments- but their full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD played well with its big bro and reduced my overall THC consumption a bit, which is great, cuz at $50 for a 500mg bottle of juice, that provides significant savings (vaped approx an eighth of the bottle for this review, six bucks' worth).District hemp muscle cream Up til now, my CBD MVPs are topical medicines to ease muscle pain, so District Hemp gave me some of their house Muscle Cream to try. I've used CBD to straight up fix my busted leg when no doctor or chiro or acupuncturist trying to upsell me on a three-hundred dollar bag of exotic leaves could help. Don't get me wrong, mister, I'm always down for a bag of strange herbs, but you gotta give me a free sample first, that's how dealing works. Anyway, I tried District Hemp Muscle Cream out the other day when my neck started bothering me after a couple hours of standing desk BTO (before toaster oven). Well, I was gonna work out but I decided to stay inside in the dark and be depressed over a weird break-up all summer instead. Whatevs. Point is, the Muscle Cream did a fantastic job. Within five minutes, I was pain-free for the rest of the night. It's got a neutral, mentholated scent, but it's light and I couldn't smell it when it was applied. It's a little greasy- I kept forgetting it was there, touching it, and getting it on my fingers, but for genuine, fast-acting, long-lasting muscle relief, you can dip me in the stuff, frankly.

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The District Hemp Muscle Cream did everything I could ask for from a CBD salve and gets full marks, but the Vape Juice is a real game-changer. I'm gonna have to strongly consider adding that into the regular rotation. Make sure you stop on by their storefront at 9023 Church St in Manassas, VA this weekend for discounts and freebies and drinks! You can also get District Hemp products shipped to you anywhere in the US- check out their shop at