Blue Venom (Baked DC)

baked dc blue venom marijuana flowers

Blue Venom (Baked DC)

Blue Venom (Hybrid) is NOW AVAILABLE for pickup and delivery from our friends at Baked DC! Here's the flowers & edibles they have to share with you:


  • Blue Venom (Hybrid)
  • Nookie (Sativa)
  • Motor Breath (Hybrid)

Top Shelf Indoor Premium

  • Wedding Cake (Hybrid)
  • Pineapple Express (Hybrid)
  • Mango Magic (Sativa)
  • Animal Cookies (Hybrid)
  • Caramel Apple Gelato (Hybrid)
  • Double Star (Indica)

Indoor Premium

  • OG Cookies (Hybrid)
  • Lemon Jack (Sativa)
  • Biscotti (Hybrid)
  • Dosi Punch (Indica)


  • Gummy Bears
  • Lollipops
  • Nerds Ropes
  • Rice Crispie Treats
  • Hard Candies

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