YEAH!!! GT is coast to coast like Space Ghost, baby! Well, not literally, I wouldn't fuck Ocean City again with your dick, but close e-damn-nough. Google Maps said it'd be 13 hours from my starting point in Iowa City yesterday but it took 16 and a half hours with minimal stopping. Now I have the energy level of a baked potato. I can barely play Fallout, I sure ain't up to writing more Tales of Endurance (you're welcome) til tomorrow, so today's picture day! This lovely crystalline structure is pure THCa from Blue River in San Francisco, testing out at a whopping 95.96%. Despite that, it retains some terpenes- it smelled lightly of berries and even had a little of that flavor when I dabbed it, though it mostly tasted like chalk. But we didn't pick up THCa for the taste, we got it for the potency! Full marks there, a couple of dabs had me in a perfect mood for wandering around Pier 39 and Haight-Ashbury. The half-gram cost me $59 at Barbary Coast Dispensary, which has a smoking lounge on site with a full dab bar! Awesome awesome awesome place, I can't recommend Barbary Coast Dispensary enough. Ok that's enough words, back at ya manana!