Blue Knight (Local’d)

Blue Knight (Local’d)

Local’d is one of DC’s longest-running and most innovative I71 delivery brands- the Gentleman first examined their pretty buds in…sweet baby Damian’s fang, March ’17. Insert obligatory Murtaugh quote here. What’s cool about Local’d is how they use Initiative 71 to grow, fund, and promote the products of their local partner food & beverage start-ups. So you arrange for delivery of a pack of, say, Berg Bites nutritious energy balls, or a handmade, non-GMO, frozen EAT Pizza, and now you have food on your stomach to enjoy the marijuana gift you got. Noice! It should come as no surprise the arrangement has proven quite popular- Local’d recently celebrated raising over $300,000 for their partner brands. Toight! *So* glad Brooklyn 99’s was saved by NBC.

Hold on, all this food talk has me on a tangent. Have you ever wondered why I rarely talk about the munchies? Cannabis’ capacity to stimulate the appetite is one of the reasons our favorite plant has proved therapeutic for many patients with eating disorders or those undergoing chemotherapy. It’s also why some foodies love it. In combination with marijuana’s sensory enhancement effects, a mundane meal transforms into Dark Side of the Moon in your mouth, or whatever.

But that’s not what I’m looking for, so I eat first, which also prolongs the effect so I get the most out of my medicine. If I don’t eat first, then hunger strikes with the speed and ferocity of all four hippos, and fulfilling this tedious biological imperative brings me crashing down in a hurry. Taking another full dose in a short span risks overwhelming my tolerance, requiring a brief nap to get the gears grinding again, so I try to avoid this situation entirely.

Sweets provides a better counterbalance than caffeine to the sudden shifts in blood sugar, which is essentially all the munchies are, but over-reliance on Wendy’s chocolate Frosty’s to stay awake may cause a Snorlax-like metamorphosis, and as such, is an inadvisable (yet delicious!) long-term strategy.

But some strains- indica and sativa- buck their way out of my carefully crafted set of rules, their potency asserting itself in inescapable fashion. Such is the case with my most recent sample from Local’d, Blue Knight. Once again, we’re looking at some absolutely gorgeous fresh flowers- a collection of tiny, dense light green nuggets covered in shocks of purple and orange, gleaming with trichomes. Blue Knight is delightfully aromatic, predominantly spicy, warm, and just a widdle bit woodsy. It grinds down beautifully into small, uniform particles, and the smoke is flavorful and exceptionally smooth. Ten points for Hufflepuff!

If I moderate my consumption of Blue Knight to 1.5-2 bowls, I can use it during the day and be fairly productive, but I feel heavy, both mentally and physically. If I exceed that dose within a few hours, then I’m gonna need a lay down. It provides strong anxiety relief, which drastically improves my temperament. Sometimes cannabis provides such a euphoric boost that I simply don’t care about any anxious thoughts that arise, so they quickly fade back into the darkness whence they came.

Blue Knight from Local’d hits it from the other direction, putting the inmates of my psychic Arkham on lockdown. The mental quiet then improves my mood naturally, and helps me focus on the tasks at hand. The Blue Knight is a bit overzealous, though, as higher-level cogitation- the ability to coherently think through a problem coherently to a well-reasoned conclusion- is difficult. For this reason, I’d suggest Blue Knight is more appropriate for the evening, when you can unwind and let it carry you off to sleep.


The latest sample from Local’d is a delightful smoke and gets full marks from your Gentleman. Plus they’ve got a ton of hip food and beverage partners to choose from and make your foodie friends guacomole-green with envy! Award-winning Chocotenango chocolates, Gouter Alkaline Water (oooh, I like fancy water), 8 Myles frozen Buffalo Mac & Cheese, Snacklins pork-free rinds, Saysa Foods Indian chips and dips, Bjorne Bakes cookies, and more, all available for delivery right now, baby! Here’s their website– use my code GT15 for 15% off (can be used multiple times, go nuts!) Ok, I’m outta here- back to Denver this week, so expect pics of my favorite goodies from the road.

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