Blue Gelato (Bagged Buds)

Blue Gelato (Bagged Buds)

There's still time to get weed before the in-laws arrive, but you better hurry! Today our friends at I71 delivery & pick-up fave Bagged Buds have some pretty Blue Gelato flowers (pictured above) along with Candy Kush and the Gelato 33 I showed you last week.

Now that you got some flowers to get you through the holidays, you're gonna need some chores lined up to get you out of the house long enough to smoke. Do you have a dog? Hmm. Can you get a dog? No, no you're right. Ok, how about this? Find out the ingredients for the stuffing or whatever your SO is making, then chuck 'em in the trash. Outside, not the kitchen basket. That grocery run will net you at least one break. 'Fraid you're on your own from here, boss. You'll come up with something. I believe in you, baby!

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