Blue Dream x Platinum Kush Flowers from Canamelo


The newest Initiative 71 delivery darling to catch your Gentleman's eye is Canamelo.  Their premise is to deliver sweet, sweet candy to District doorsteps with an even sweeter cannabis gift. I've been lucky enough to sample several of their recent flowers and I'm sure y'all will be as pleased as me with their latest offering. Check out their site,, and see how easy it is to set up your delivery time. Appointment-setting is a fantastic innovation sure to ease concerns for the busiest of my little beavers!

canamelo logo link
Delivery Only (DC)
Weekdays 11am-2pm and 5pm-11pm
Weekends 12pm-11pm
Buying: candy



Oh, hullo there. This is usually the bit where I rant about slime monsters and dark elves and so on, but since this is the first review you're looking at, it's a good opportunity to introduce myself. I'm the Gentleman. Hiya! I've lived in the DMV most of my life and have been smoking weed daily for, uh, 22 years. I was also a DC medical marijuana patient for over a year (currently in the Maryland MMJ program) and got into ganja-touristing as recreational sales kicked off out West. I've been to every rec-legal state but Alaska- I'm only going there in the summer, I don't want to end up like that Into the Wild kid. Anyhoo, when Initiative 71 was passed, I started writing...interesting reviews of all the new marijuana-gifting brands hitting the scene. The site got popular so I left the Office Space behind for the weed-smoking job I made up, which basically makes me a living Imagine Dragons song or whatever. You're welcome, America.


Right then, on to the Blue Dream cross from Canamelo! The other parent is Platinum Kush. The offspring has a minty fresh odor, lacquered in trichomes, and hits you with a potent body high. Energetic pursuits are favored. Excited by the warm weather, I grabbed my old b-ball after a quick bowl to knock some free throws back. With every shot, the rust comes off a little further, and my back gets better with every rebound. These meds are definitely for the daytime or early evening. While they aren't as useful for anxiety as I'd like (which is typical of Blue Dream for me), it does impart a sense of calm that helps me center my frazzled thoughts. Necessary!


Y'all are gonna love Canamelo's convenient appointment-scheduling system and superb I71 gift menu. Here, check out more pictures of recent Canamelo flowers! Ok, ok, I can hear the gong ringing, guy, I'm outta here.

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