Blue Dream (Spaced Out DC)

The Gentleman is holding off on his plan to escape America in an UP-style balloon house. It sounded fun at first, but the logistics of getting flowers from Spaced Out DC delivered to my humble skypad provide a challenge, plus I gotta get all my helium from Ivory Coast pirates now that those short-sighted jerks that hate innovation at the FAA have cut me off from domestic suppliers, it’s a whole thing, I don’t wanna get into it.

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I mean, can you imagine if the Wright Brothers had to- no. Nope. Diaphragm breath. Eyes closed. Leaf in a hurricane, baby. We’re not getting into it.

So let’s take a look at Spaced Out DC! This I71 delivery gifter hit the Gentleman off with some bee-youtiful Blue Dream flowers for this week’s review. These bright green nugs have more sprouts of bright orange hair than that feral calico aggressively banging surprised raccoons in the alley outside your window all night. Consider that a reminder to spay and neuter your pets, folks.

You might describe these natural, flowing curves as thick (or thicc, depending on your age and social media habits), but the buds a little on the tough side. Toss ’em in the jar with a Boveda humidity pack or whatever and you’re aces in twelve. Adequate trichome coverage.

Didn’t get much of a smell when I pulled it out of the bag but it burst out of the grinder, a diesel/woodsy mash-up that could season a savory meal, which is a word I know but am unsure about. It’s like, anything that’s not sweet, but not bitter, yeah? Like, SlimJims and what not? Hold on, I’ll look it up.

Yeah, I’m right. I usually am with words. It’s my life decisions that are terrible. Thankfully, so is my memory. Ha! Take that, everyone. Hahaha. Wait, where’d you all go?

Spaced Out DC Blue Dream

Blue Dream was all the rage a couple years ago. It was that new new. Now it suffers a kinda backlash from a popularity that catapulted it into ubiquitousness, like the AOL install disc or Hootie & the Blowfish of weed. I could meme the heck out of Blue Dream, man. However, I’d never turn down or accept a bowl on strain name alone, which I mention both as general advice and also that I quite liked this batch.

My usual concern with Blue Dream is that it’s usually leans just far enough sativa that it doesn’t help with my anxiety or depression. I mean, it’s nice, and I like to smoke weed in general, so cool, but this strain has never been in my rotation.

The eighth I was gifted by Spaced Out DC was particularly potent, however- enough to keep my focus on my tasks, away from intrusive thoughts, with zero energy drain. Very good daytime meds, but these flowers aren’t gonna help you sleep.

Spaced Out DC Platinum OG flowers

I got to sample some of Spaced Out DC’s Platinum OG flowers too, which smell like pine stuffed with grapefruit rinds and are a stronger, smiley impromptu kitchen dance party kinda buzz, like the kids are sleeping over at their friends house overnight. The Gentleman can certainly recommend you check out the gifts (available for delivery!) from Spaced Out DC.

Now, look, I’ve scratched your back, you need to scratch mine. By which I mean help me steal helium, of course. What do you mean ‘no’? You’ve already read the review! You have to! Grab those empty tanks, sailor.

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