Stoner Gifts: The Ultimate Cannabis Gift Guide

Accessories from the Best DC Weed Gifters

Accessories are a stoner’s best friend! DC weed gifters and smoke shops offer a premium variety of marijuana accessories like glass weed pipes, grinders, and rolling trays that make perfect stoner gifts for your friends. Our cannabis gift guide is full of brilliant gift ideas that will wow anyone who receives them. 

Glass Bongs for Sale in DC

Who doesn’t appreciate a cool glass design for their bong? Glass bongs make perfect marijuana gifts during the holidays. It’s a classy gift that’ll quickly become a regular favorite.

Many smoke shops and weed dispensaries in DC have beautiful and creative bong artwork. Of course, there are the classics, like swirling colors and simplistic designs, but there are also more unique products. Want to smoke out of a bong shaped like a lava lamp? Ever partake from a bong featuring a cow being beamed up by a UFO? Well, now you can. Shop around and find the perfect bong that your friend will appreciate.

Glass Pipes

Glass pipes (also known as weed pipes or weed bowls) found in the DC area are a convenient, easily portable tool for an impromptu smoke session. And if your special someone prefers joints, why not upgrade that experience with glass tips from V.I. Peace

There are many cannabis gift shops and stoner gift shops that carry brilliantly designed marijuana pipes. Whether you’re looking for something funny like a pickle-shaped pipe or something artistic like an intricately crafted pipe that looks like a sunflower, glass pipes make a wonderful gift for when someone is ready to pack a bowl. 

Grinders for Weed

Those buds aren’t going to grind themselves. A quality grinder is a tool every cannabis enthusiast needs in their arsenal.  V.I.Peace offers a selection of large grinders that are effective in crushing bud before lighting up. 

Marijuana Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are a terrific way to show personality while rolling a joint with a variety of different designs. The Gifted Rolling Tray by Gifted Curators is a prime tool for joint rolling that showcases the name of one of our favorite marijuana gifting stores.

Edibles in DC

Life sure has improved since we found a way to mix weed and chocolate. For those who like to get their high the tasty way, DC is full of creative and delicious edibles of varying strengths. Take a look below for the best weed gummies, cannabis candy, and baked goods that will get you baked.

Weed Gummies

Weed gummies are classic edibles, and they make fantastic gifts. BagHead Gummies by HIGH5DMV come in a variety of flavors and have 800 mg of THC per pack. Another great option if you’re wondering where to buy edibles in DC: Doja Gummies by Green Kings. They are tamarind flavored (a fun variety for those who like to try new things) and come in packs of 10. 

Cannaclear Gummies by Up N Smoke DC are available in blue raspberry or green apple and come in packs of 10 with 100 mg per candy—a great option for those of us who have built up our THC tolerance. 

Cannabis Candy

When we think of edibles in DC, gummies usually come to mind. But there are plenty of other edible candies that will please the tastebuds. Hard candy minis by District Organics come in delicious multicolored cubes. Legacy DC puts a fun spin on cola bottle candy with the Dean & Deluca Root Beer Bottles they carry. If caramels are your thing, try handmade 1:1 THC + CBD caramels from Up N Smoke! Each piece of candy contains 25 mg of THC and 25 mg of CBD.

We can’t ignore options for the chocoholics. Milk Chocolate by Puff Kings DC comes in cute cannabis leaf-shaped chocolates, and Georgetown Kushcake Truffles at Green Kings DC are a mouthwatering brand of edibles in DC. 

Pot Brownies and Baked Goods

The convenience of pre-baked edibles rather than homemade is that we know exactly how many milligrams of THC are in a serving. Edible brownies, popcorn, ice cream, cookies, and other treats are fantastic ways of consuming cannabis that you can bring just about anywhere and easily divide into smaller doses. Brownie edibles by HIGH5DMV are a classic option that will elevate the mind and please the tastebuds. 

If someone is a lover of pumpkin spice, Athena’s Gifts has a unique and tasty recipe that they offer. Their Pumpkin Spice Cheesecake puts a creative twist on edibles. Cheesecake is a delicacy that anyone would be happy to receive! Let’s not forget the option of purchasing a Rice Crispy Treat by District Organics. For those who don’t care much for chocolate, it’s a sweet indulgence. 

Dab Tools 

Best Dab Rigs in DC

For the dab enthusiasts among us, a dab rig is the perfect gift! Smoke shops and weed dispensaries in DC have a variety of dab rigs with fun colors and designs. The Rig-DC AF by Peace in the Air is an electronic rig system with clear glass that will heat dab oil to perfection. 

Dab Jars

Silicon dab jars provide a no-stick solution for storing dab oil. They can even be found with cute designs, like a tiny jar made to look like a potted succulent plant or hamburger. Dab jars come in different sizes and shapes like hearts, skulls, clouds, pawprints, honeypots, and more. 

Carb Caps

Carb caps are an important dab tool for any dabbing session. Carb caps act as a lid to the dab rig, as they retain heat and improve airflow. Heat-resistant materials like glass or quartz safely keep the chamber of the rig hot enough to keep the dab oil liquified. There are a variety of cool carb caps available in DC smoke shops, with fun details like mushroom toppers, glow-in-the-dark caps, and diamond cuts. 

Weed Cartridges and Pens

More and more people are opting to smoke using electronic pens with weed cartridges. In just one year, the percentage of young adults who partake in cannabis vaping rose from 8% in 2018 to 17% in 2019, and with an ever-growing number of unique flavors, it’s only expected to increase. Weed cartridges are portable and convenient, and don’t require constant cleaning like a bong or pipe. 

In collaboration with Doja Pak and Friendly Farms, Tru Spectrum Live Resin has some of the best Doja Pak strains in distillate or refined resin, carried by Green Kings! If you’re looking for something else, you can always treat a buddy to premium resin cure carts from The Highway DC, available in both 510 thread and disposable options. Royale Dankness Cartridges provide quality THC concentrate in a neatly packaged cartridge. 

Stoner Clothing and Other Merch

Stoner memorabilia is the perfect gift for those of us who want to showcase our passion. A stylish Gifted Curators DC Pocket Logo Hoodie allows your friend, family member, or significant other to show their love for one of the best DC marijuana gifting stores. 

For the experimentalist in your life, buy The Weed Gummies Cookbook from Legacy DC. What could be more fun than making your own weed gummies? Your gift recipient will love this creative way to incorporate their interest with a fun and entertaining new hobby. 

Consider, also, Legacy DC’s Puff Puff Pass stoner card game. This game consisting of 109 cards makes smoke sessions a blast with conversation starters, hilarious trivia, would you rather questions, and more. Conversations while high have never been more entertaining. 

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