The Best Strains of Weed

There are few things worse than spending your hard-earned cash on some bad weed, especially if you’re trying to share with friends. So, if you want to show off that you’re a connoisseur who can score some dank kush read on. We’ll share some of the best strains of weed you can get your hands on right now, and make sure you know how to find good weed whenever you’re in DC.

So get your notebook out and start making a smoke list, because you’re going to want to try a few of these flavors.

What Makes a Good Weed Strain?

It’s an age-old question. What makes a good weed strain? Is it flavor? Effects? Price? History? How about all of the above? But the simplest way we can put it is this: Great weed should make you feel good smoking it, and it should keep making you feel good for hours afterward.

We can tell you how to sort through the ditch weed and identify some premium buds, and we can point you in the direction of some good flavor, but at the end of the day, it's all about the weed that you just love to smoke. It might take a bit of time for you to try out some flavors and find what works for you, but this list of the best strains of weed should save you some time. At Gentleman Toker, we believe there’s a perfect strain of weed out there for everyone, and we love nothing more than playing matchmaker.

How to Find the Best Weed Strain for You

A good place to start is to look for the flavors and effects that would enjoy. We’ve tried to pick a good cross-section of different types for our list of the best weed strains, to fit a variety of different tastes. Are you looking to get energized, or just kick back and relax? Do you prefer a fruity flavor or a gassy one? We’ve got both and more on this list. Once you’ve tried a few and gained a sense of what you like, there are plenty more strains to choose from.

The Best Strains of Weed Available

Alpha Blue from Exotic Organics

Sometimes known as Dream Diesel after its parents, Blue Dream and NYC Diesel (or maybe Sour Diesel), Alpha Blue has a blueberry and sour candy flavor that can be a little earthy and skunky. We like it for its relaxing, uplifting high that’s not so strong that it's going to put you to sleep. This sativa-dominant hybrid’s long-lasting high is often smoked to deal with anxiety, stress, or feelings of depression. 

Gelonade Strain from Exotic Blooms

A cross of Lemon Tree and Gelato #41, Gelonade strain is like if you made gelato into lemonade. An indica-dominant strain with a high THC level, Gelonade with give you a strong head high that can be both euphoric and motivational. Instead of the spicy flavor of many strong flowers, Gelonade has a sweet, citrusy flavor with a hint of cookies or even vanilla.

Kush Mints Strain from Heady Club DC

A cross between Bubba Kush and Animal Mints created by Seed Junky Genetics, Kush Mints strain is a great choice for relaxing at night. It will give you a full-body high that can help with feelings of depression, anxiety, nausea, or pain. You’ll likely also feel pretty hungry. Kush Mints’ flavor is a mix of sweet gas and saccharine dough, along with a mix of mint and perhaps a bit of coffee. If you enjoy Kush Mints strain and would like to try something similar, Heady Club also offers a cross with Animals Mints called The Soap.

Sherbinski Lemon Cherry Gelato Strain from Gifted Curators

Gelato strains are hot right now, and we’ve got some more to talk about. A mix of Gelato 33 and a mystery strain (that may have been just another Gelato strain), Lemon Cherry Gelato has a euphoric and smooth high with a candy and gas flavor. While a lot of Gelato strains are overpriced, this name-brand Sherbinski strain is both affordable and tasty.

Cereal Milk Strain from Urban Flavors

This Y-Life x Snowman cross, bred by Powerzzzup, is said to get its name from its sugary sweet gas scent and its milky white trichomes. Cereal Milk strain will leave you with a long, full-body high that is relaxing and euphoric. First-time users are warned, its effects can be intense at first, and you may feel a bit of burnout and grogginess afterward. There are plenty of variations of this strain available, and Cannabiotix has a solid version with Dutch skunk and sweet strawberry haze flavors.

Sundae Driver Strain from Green Kings

A smooth hybrid, Sundae Driver strain owes part of its parentage to Fruity Pebble strain, which is where its sweet, fruity scent comes from. As long as you don’t overdo it, Sundae Driver can give you a full-body buzz that lacks the couch-locking effects of Fruity Pebble.  It’s popular for relieving feelings of stress, pain, and depression, and for its uplifting, cerebral high that will make you feel light on your feet.

Grease Monkey Strain from Heady Club DC

A euphoric strain with a high level of THC, Grease Monkey strain is a cross between Gorilla Glue #4 and Cookies and Cream. Its sweet and earthy flavors are complemented by a skunky aroma. This monkey is good for a full-body high that’s great for relaxing, dealing with nausea and appetite loss, or just going to sleep. 

Pineapple Express Strain from Baked DC

A sativa-dominant hybrid with a tropical fruit flavor that’s a bit tart, Pineapple Express strain is a cross between Big Bud and Hawaiian. It’s got an energizing and uplifting high that’s great for creativity and focus and is commonly used to combat pain, headaches, and depression.

Jack Herer Strain from District Connect

A hybrid that can be traced back to the 90s, Jack is your friend when you need a clear head and a boost in creativity. Jack Herer strain is a bit spicy and citrusy with a woody aroma. It has plenty of variations, including both indica- and sativa-dominant versions, so you have a lot of choices available.

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