Banana Split (PuffPuff DC)
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Banana Split (PuffPuff DC)

Check out the Banana Split flowers available today from I71 pick-up fave PuffPuff DC! Perfect for sharing with that special someone on a beautiful fall day here in the Capital Wasteland or smoke 'em all to yourself, cuz you're pretty special all by yourself, my intricate little snowflake, and you don't need nobody to make yourself complete.

The very premise that we walk around as half-people looking for another to become whole is ridiculous. You're tellin me that every single out there is only half a person? Get thee to a Hallmark with that ish, bruh. I'm at least two people all by myself, and I'm workin' on a third personality so we can get a real party started in here. I was thinking something along the lines of 'offshore fishing boat captain' this time. Whaddaya think? Oh, right! Here's the rest of PuffPuff's robust flower menu for your perusal:

Sour Grape
White Train OG
Platinum Bubba Kush
Blackberry Lemon
Blueberry OG
Fresh OG
Pineapple Jack
Blue Magic
Durban Poison
Mega Jackpot

Review: Alien OG

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