Apricot Jelly (Exotic Blooms)

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Apricot Jelly is available NOW for delivery in Washington DC from our friends at Exotic Blooms! The list of flowers & edibles they have to share with you is below. But first!

To place an order call/text Exotic Blooms at +1 (202) 317-9158 and tell us Gentleman Toker sent you for 10 off your first Sticker purchase! Leave us a review for special gift! We Aim to Provide the BEST + MOST POSITIVE Customer Service. Please see website for more details, photos and gifting options: https://exoticblooms.co/

Get a Free In-house Preroll with all Deliveries Monday-Thursday from 12-3PM during Exotic Blooms’ Happy Hour!

All Customers MUST provide photo of original and valid Drivers License/ID/Out of State ID/Passport along with Selfie.

Please Note that the drivers do not carry any excess product/change on them and all deliveries require a 20 donation

July OZ DEALS  ????:



  • The HOG (unknown genetics/cannabis cup winner) – 200(1oz)
  • Blue Gold (Blueberry x Pot of gold) – 200(1oz)
  • Strawnana (Banana Kush x Bubble Gum) – 200(1oz)
  • Pot of Gold (Skunk OG x Hindu Kush) – 200(1oz)
  • Dolato (Do-Si-Dos x Gelato 41) – 280(1oz)
  • Grandpa Larry (GDP x Larry OG) – 300(1oz)
  • Mendo Purp (back-cross of a pure landrace USA Indica) – 300(1oz)
  • Ice Cream Cake 2 (Gelato 33 x Wedding Cake) – 360(1oz)


Superare Designer Flower:

1/8: (95)  |  1/4: (170)

Exclusive Designer Flower:

1/8: (80)  |  1/4: (140)  |  1/2: (230)  |  oz: (400)

Private Reserve Flower:

1/8: (60)  |  1/4: (115)  |  1/2: (200)  |  oz: (380)

Premium Flower:

1/8: (50)  |  1/4: (95)  |  1/2: (190)  |  oz: (370)



Additional inquiries or comments please feel free to call or text Exotic Blooms at +1 (202) 317-9158 and tell us Gentleman Toker sent you for 10 off your Sticker Purchase!


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