Alien OG (Diamond City Delivery)
They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but they're about to be everybody's newest I71 BFF. Meet Diamond City Delivery, everybody! My newest favorite weed gifting service offers delivery and pick-up so you can get your cannabis gifties in whatever way is most convenient for you, my precious, summer snowflake. It isn't their Dhalsim-like flexibility that caught the Gentleman's attention, though, but that yoga fire. Do you like Street Fighter references, Joey? 

202-509-9624 Pick-Ups & Limited Delivery (DC) Hours: Tues-Sun 5pm-10:30pm Closed Monday Buying: Glass Pipes, Vape Batteries, & other accessories


Speaking of Alien OGs, I finally saw Infinity War! Now I can safely travel the interwebs again without tripping over myself to avoid spoilers. I thought they did a great job reimagining Thanos' origin and motivations, versus the overwrought villainy of Lady Death's personal incel, a frumpy purple dude that kills off entire planets in increasingly desperate bids to get a completely disinterested girl he likes to hook up with him and his ugly, wrinkled testicle-chin. Marvel's Mad Titan hasn't been this good since the Cthulhu/Adam Warlock limited series, The Thanos Imperative, where, actually, he played a philosophically similar role to MCU's Infinity War- bringing death as a balance to an invading Cancerverse of immortal body-snatching octopus monsters. [caption id="attachment_7847" align="aligncenter" width="4032"] Alien OG[/caption]
Moving on, Diamond City Delivery's Alien OG is definitely one of the frostiest flowers I've encountered in the wilds of I71. It has a deep, earthy scent with just a hint of the diesel fumes a Gentleman covets. The slender buds were kinda flat and didn't snap when I broke the stems, but the moisture level was still well-preserved, so they ground easily. The smoke is smooth, the flavor muted but pleasant enough, and I could easily smoke a joint without having a coughing fit. Overall, well done.
From all the trichomes, I was expecting a face-melting raygun, but Diamond City Delivery's Alien OG turned out to be ideal for daytime use. There's little effect on my mood, similar to my experiments with CBD, but in this case, my anxieties are quickly pushed aside. With those pesky little psychic pocket monsters safely in their Poke-balls, my brain-gears start turning with gusto. Focused and able to think clearly, Alien OG has been equally helpful for trudging through my daily mundanities and higher-level mental tasks, like planning my next trip and figuring out just what the heck we should do for GT's second anniversary this year in a couple months. I wanted to go to Alaska, but the flights have all these connections. I hate connections. And there's no way I'm driving, I haven't watched even a single episode of Ice Road Truckers yet! What do you think about a party instead? That could be fun. You wanna come to my party? Maybe? Yeah, no, I get it, you got things, keep your options open, cool, cool. I'll put you down for 'Maybe' then. Cool cool cool. [caption id="attachment_7846" align="aligncenter" width="4032"] White Gold[/caption] GENTLEMAN APPROVED The Gentleman can heartily recommend you check out the dizzying array of gift options available to you at Diamond City Delivery, whether you prefer pick-ups or sitting on your butt eating popsicles while you wait for the best present ever, marijuana. Yay, DC!

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