Absalom's Smoke Shop invited your Gentleman to check out their new Silver Spring store. This bright, cozy shop nestled in the Hillandale Shopping Center has a nice assortment of reasonably priced bongs and pipes for, uh...tobacco enthusiasts. Cuz even with medical marijuana about to be available throughout the state, you still can't use certain words inside a...tobacco pipe shop. Riiight. [caption id="attachment_3119" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Follow Absalom's Silver Spring on Instagram![/caption] Anyway, Absalom's has a sweet little glass collection- several of their spoon pipes caught my eye, especially. What sets Absalom's apart, though, are dozens of Al Fakher premium shisha flavors for those that appreciate a good hookah, including some of their own special blends. They also have these rolls of fronto leaves if you like blunts but detest tobacco, but that's some advanced rolling I can't hack, so they also gave me this RAW rolling machine that works like a charm. This is the first one I tried, and while it looks like a Virginia Slim, it hit and burned perfectly. Excelsior! And they hooked me up with this new dab new rig! It's got more doohickeys than I know how to name- it's got a percolator, an ice catcher, an, umm, inside-out octopus Fabrege egg sorta deal. I'd call Chris and Joey, the guys that run the joint, to ask what it is but they've already been very kind and helpful with my many questions about how to use the device. I'd never used one where water sits in the downstem before, but now that I got it crankin with the classy double-bucket quartz banger I'm pulling very nice, tasty dabs. I've got to empty the water a little each time because the ice cube melts, but it doesn't cause an overflow in the stem so it's all good. For my many readers north of DC that could use a friendly shop with convenient parking and adjacent munchies, check out Absalom's Smoke Shop at 10171 New Hampshire Ave Suite 101, Silver Spring, MD 20903 (next to the Allstate). Or if you're much further north, or just up for a beautiful drive, check out their Frostburg location. Tell 'em the Gentleman sent you and receive up to two bewildered stares! Why, you'll wonder if you actually said anything at all!